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Holly Madison In Workout Gear Is "So Preppy"

Holly is having a ball.

Holly Madison is having a little fun with her friends, and sharing it on social media. Madison, 44, posted a picture of herself wearing white workout gear, posing in white heart-shaped sunglasses while posing with Trisha Paytas Hacmon and Tana Mongeau. "It's so preppy in here," she captioned the post. The comments section filled with people showing their appreciation for the trio. "Father. Son. Holy Spirit 🙏💖," a fan commented. Madison has lived in the public eye for decades—here's how she is thriving in her 40s.


Mental Health Journey

Madison has learned the value of self-care and mental health. "My whole adult life has been a big mental health journey, dealing with depression and being late-diagnosed autistic," she told PAPER Magazine. "It's important to have trusted resources available, whether it's therapy, recognizing which of your friends are safe to talk to, keeping up with your regular health, or getting enough sleep."


No Diet Culture


Madison is mindful of how she talks about wellness around her children. "I'm really careful about how I talk about food in front of my kids. If they're eating something that I can't eat because of my diet, I'm really careful to say, 'Oh, I have to eat different,' " she told PEOPLE. "I am really, really careful about steering away from any diet culture words or any body things."


Beauty Standards

Madison embraces a more natural look thanks to her children.  "I'm very relieved because my daughter and my son both roast me for dyeing my hair, they roast me for having extensions. They roast me when I wear a lot of makeup, so I think I'm good," she told PEOPLE. "Knock on wood, I think they're not going to fall into the trap of trying to make themselves look over-processed or trying too hard for the beauty standard because they are over it." 


Mindful of Sugar


Madison avoids sugar but allows herself a very specific Harry Potter treat now and then. "Butterbeer is so good!" she told Delish. "It tastes like a mix of cream soda and a Creamsicle, but without the tartness, and there's foam on top. When I drink sugar, I pack on weight, so I try to only have one like once a year or for a special occasion."


Treat Yourself

Madison tries to limit her indulgences to when they really count—like her delicious birthday drink. "One diet tip I read is that when you splurge, it's got to be based on something concrete, like a birthday or another special occasion," she told Delish. "If you treat yourself whenever you're feeling good or had a good day, you can lose track of how often you're indulging. Once a year, I'll have a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino. That's my birthday drink."

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