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House Star Amber Tamblyn Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Beach

Here are her lifestyle tips.

House star Amber Tamblyn is putting her swimsuit selfies to good use, to raise awareness of her writing workshop. Tamblyn, who played Martha M. Masters on the show, shared a picture of herself posing on the beach in a bright yellow bikini, with matching daisy sunglasses. "Posting a beach thirst trap to catch the IG algorithm's eye and remind you there's still time to bid on the one-on-one writing workshop with me for @tusctogether. Folks have asked me how they can support our unions during this historic strike, and this is one of the ways, if you're financially able to," she captioned the post. Tamblyn has made a name for herself as a strong feminist artist—here's what's important to her.


She's a Writer

Tamblyn is a talented writer, something she has done for years. "I kept diligent diaries and journals as far back as I remember," she says. "It somehow felt important to me—like an act of survival—to keep some kind of record of my existence, every detail of it. I think this is where my love for storytelling really began. It's also where I learned to internalize and process my dreams and what they might mean. I have always been a heavy dreamer, in the literal and metaphorical sense of the word."


And a Poet


Tamblyn writes poetry, and has been published. "A single line of poetry can do for you emotionally what ten pages of fiction can do," she says. "Just one sentence can cripple you like a punch to the gut. Other forms of writing can do that, but it takes much longer to get to the punch. I think poetry's really having a resurgence, and it's becoming much more playful and relevant to people of my generation than ever before."


Women's Intuition

Tamblyn is celebrating how women have different methods of communication and intelligence. "I hope that women see their intuition as an applicable tool, as a very real form of intelligence that's as important and valuable as rational thought," she says. "Our intuitive intelligence is also a form of knowledge, but we've been so conditioned throughout history to believe that it shouldn't carry as much value. I'm here to tell you it should, and by leaning into what that voice inside you is telling you, you are coming one step closer to your most authentic self."


Celebrating Women


Tamblyn loves how many women are working in powerful positions in Hollywood. "I'm really lucky to be making films and acting in the age of Amy Schumer and filmmakers like Zoe Cassavetes and Kathryn Bigelow," she says. "The conversation is not about, 'Can women direct films?' Can there be films about women that are not categorized as 'female movies?' Women are doing these things, and there are really fantastic things being made."


Her Village

Tamblyn cherishes the strong friendships in her life, and in her career. "I'm lucky to have a lot of brilliant women in my life, from doctors to activists, movement builders, artists and musicians," she says. "A win for one of us is a win for all of us. Most of these women have been in my life for over a decade and it's because of our friendships that we thrive and endure."

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