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Hugh Jackman in Tank Top Shows Off Arm Curls in the Gym

Here is how he is bulking up for Deadpool 3.

Hugh Jackman is back in Wolverine shape – and showing off her guns at the gym. In a new social media post, the buff star shows off his muscles and his moves during a grueling workout at the gym. "No days off – except for tomorrow. 💪🏻#becomingwolverineagain," he captioned the Instagram video of himself doing arm curls. What else is the 55 year-old star doing to get into superhero shape? Celebwell has the details. 


Lifting (Heavy) Weights

In another Instagram video, Jackman executed some pretty impressive deadlifts, using a trap bar. How much weight did he lift? It appeared to be over 150 pounds. 


8,000 Meals a Day

Jackman has revealed that he's on an 8,000 calorie per day diet, sharing his meal prep boxes on Instagram. Each of the meal was labeled with the calorie count. Black bass (2,000 calories), Patagonia salmon (2,100 calories), two chicken burgers (around 1,000 calories each) and two grass-fed sirloins (1,100 calories each). "Bulking. A day in the life. Thank you Chef Mario for helping me stay healthy and properly fed whilst … Becoming. Wolverine. Again," he captioned the post. 


Building Muscle Over Time

During an interview on HBO Max's Who's Talking To Chris Wallace, Jackman revealed that he was planning on gradually bulking up after his Broadway stint on The Music Man. "I've learned you can't rush it. I've learned that it takes time. So we have six months from when I finish [The Music Man] to when I started filming. And I'm not doing any other work. I'm going to be with my family and train. That's going to be my job for six months."



Hugh spent a lot of time dancing leading up to the Music Man, and he claims he slimmed down fast. "When I dance I drop muscle very quickly," he told LA Times. "The body is very smart and efficient, and a traditional dancer's body is not going to be bulked up on top because they're muscles that you don't really need."



No Steroid, Just Chickens

One thing you won't find Jackman doing is taking steroids. "Over the years people have wondered, did he juice?" Wallace asked during the interview. "Did he take steroids?" Jackman denied it. "No, I love my job. And I love Wolverine," he responded. "I got to be careful what I say here, but I had been told anecdotally what the side effects are of that. And I was like, 'I don't love it that much.' So no, I just did it the old school way. And I tell you, I've eaten more chickens — I'm so sorry to all the vegans and vegetarians and to the chickens of the world. Literally the karma is not good for me."

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