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Hunter McGrady In One-Piece Jumpsuit Shares "Hotel Fit Check"

These are a few of her favorite things.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hunter McGrady is showing fans and social media followers exactly what her favorite athleisure brands are. McGrady, 31, shared a video of herself posing in her hotel room, wearing a once-piece black jumpsuit and white sneakers. "Hotel fit check 🤘🏻," she captioned the post. "That jumpsuit looks so good on you!" commented actress Daniella Monet. McGrady modeled for years before getting her big break—here's how she stays fit, strong, and happy.


Trailblazing Cover

McGrady is immensely proud of her SI experience. "The moment the issue dropped, my life changed in drastic ways," she told PEOPLE. "I was given this platform and this responsibility, and I remember thinking, 'Okay. This is a blessing. This is a huge, huge gift. Do with it what you will, but do it wisely.' Ever since then, and every year I've been back, I've felt a little bit more like, 'Okay, I feel even more confident, and I feel like I'm really growing as a woman.'"


Dream Come True

McGrady hopes her SI cover inspires others. "It was such a surreal moment," she told PEOPLE. "I automatically thought back to little me and what that would mean to me, seeing somebody like me on the cover of any magazine, let alone Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. It's huge."


Yoga and Spin Classes


McGrady loves both gentle and more intense exercises. "When I run, my mind can clear," she told Teen Vogue. "I love doing yoga, and my new all time fave is Soul Cycle. It's nice for me to get out of my head and work myself to this goal. They like to push you [at Soul Cycle]…and it's really rewarding, and all the while being great for my physical health as well."


Self-Care Days

McGrady takes a rest day whenever she feels overwhelmed. "If I feel like it's time to rest, if I need a spa day, to get my nails done, or to take care of [myself] in other ways," she told Teen Vogue. "Self care is not just working out, it's reading a book, taking an hour of quiet time. I love getting massages. I get one once a month. It's a time when I can turn off my brain, work out my muscles."


Meditation Every Day

McGrady meditates whenever she can. "Because of my job, I'm constantly traveling," she told Teen Vogue. "Any time I can get [a workout] in, any time I have a free hour I try to do anything: at home, on a plane. I consider meditating my own little work out. A lot of people focus on physical activity, but for me I take time to meditate and work out my brain. To just take time for myself to find that peace. I wish I had a more set schedule."

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