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Indian Actress Kubbra Sait In Two-Piece Workout Gear Cracks Dad Jokes

Who knew she was such a comedian?

Indian actress Kubbra Sait is a big fan of dad jokes, sharing them with her Instagram fans and followers. Sait, 40, posted a video of herself wearing black workout pants and a matching crop top, telling one of her favorite jokes with great enthusiasm. "Long Joke… coz I am really sticking my neck out with this Giraffe 🦒 JOKE! (You know what I watched it again… and I loved it!!!) 😻 ," she captioned the post. Here's how Kubbra stays happy and healthy, inside and out.


Diving, Rafting, Climbing

Sait lives a life of action and adventure. "Let me tell you what I don't do because I do everything," she told ELLE. "I don't try to get back into work and rut. I solo travel around the world, not like a #wanderlust type of thing, but genuinely going off and doing things. I raft rivers, climb mountains, and go diving. I have a specific list of things to do throughout my work calendar: one adventure trip, one new country, and one place to return to and unwind every year."


Therapy Sessions

Sait is a strong proponent for mental health awareness and support. "I see my therapist. I'm not shy about this," she told ELLE. "I also don't miss two days in a row when it comes to mobility. I need to move my body. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body."


Leaving Home


Sait moved to Dubai by herself and says it gave her strength and confidence. "I truly feel I am a superpower," she told Times of India. "And I had to tell myself that and it doesn't surprise me because I've put in that effort. Does that mean I'm the smartest person in the room and I know how to tackle everything that comes my way? No, but I know I've dealt with it before. This fear is not unknown to me. I'm going to take this fear, make something out of this, and move forward."


Better Storytelling

Sait is thrilled Bollywood movies are experimenting with different types of characters. "Today, when you see Karan Johar making a film, say, Rocky Rani, you look at conversations that are far more relatable and real," she told ELLE. "We've started recognising more characters than the hero and the villain. Today, you have the demarcation of morally gray characters. I think this is quite incredible, to be a part of their change and to be able to portray human emotions without being afraid, and for me, this is evolution."


Strong Characters

Sait is proud of her career so far. "I've been fortunate to have not been typecast in my roles on screen," she told Times of India. "My first movie was with Salman Khan, Ready, in which I played the role of a maid. After that, I played Cuckoo in Sacred Games. Now, I'm grateful people associate me with strong characters, and if that's a stereotype, I will gladly take it in my stride."

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