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Indian Actress Malaika Arora In Workout Gear Says "Work That Core"

Watch her use a yoga stick.

Indian actress and dancer Malaika Arora is showing fans what her mat yoga workouts look like while using a stick. Arora, 50, shared a video of herself wearing shorts and a white sports bra, doing several different poses with the wooden instrument.  "#DandaYoga 🧘‍♀️#workThatCore," she captioned the post. "Love this Wonder Woman," a fan commented. Arora is thriving as she enters a new decade—here's what her wellness and beauty routine looks like.


Daily Routine

Arora is passionate about skincare. "I keep my daily beauty routine absolutely simple," she told Miss Malini. "When I'm not working, there's absolutely no gook or gunk on my face. I keep my skin absolutely clean. I follow the basic steps of literally cleanse, tone and moisturize. And that's how it should always be, no matter what. Make sure you follow these three steps religiously. You must also follow a good diet, get loads of sleep, drink lots of water and don't forget to use SPF when you're in the sun."


Fashion Designer

Arora collaborated with Disney to create a line of clothing. "I am nostalgic and elated to be designing a collection with Disney's Mickey Mouse," she told Zee Zest. "It was the right time for this nostalgic collaboration too. We knew as a team that it was time for something colourful, joyous and nostalgic. Mickey Mouse inspired us to do just that!


No Shortcuts

Arora is proud of her achievements, and hopes to inspire others. "The trajectory of my life should inspire people to take charge of their circumstances," she told Grazia India. "There are no shortcuts, and the sooner you embrace your opportunities underpinned by a tough as nails work ethic, success will follow. My mother embodies this; I have duplicated that mantra in my own life, and so many others, too, have managed to make something out of the lot they have been dealt."


Style Foundations

Arora has a few go-to pieces she builds her style around. "It's important to have a few pillars in the wardrobe that match everything," she told Zee Zest. "Mine are blue jeans, black trousers and a white shirt, that's it! I can match these with any piece of the Disney edit or any couture piece off the runway too. I inspire myself every single morning. And that's what we all really need to do!"


Sustainable Fashion

Arora wants to encourage sustainable fashion. "In a world where we need to practice sustainability at its highest level, being smart about our wardrobe choices is very important," she told Zee Zest. "The Label Life designs and styles signature essentials with the single-minded goal that they can be worn in at least five different ways. We practice a style-forward versus a trend-forward attitude in our design. In fact, the Disney Edit is designed to mix and match pieces as well as wear with your wardrobe basics seamlessly."

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