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Indian Actress Priyal Gor Shares Swimsuit Photo at "Peace"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Priyal Gor is sharing a message of self-love in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the Indian actress shows off her amazing body in a yellow bathing bathing suit. "There is a peace that comes with accepting who you are and knowing who you're not. The world will always try to define you, persuade you, and mold you into its own creation, but you are better than that. It's not what people think of you. It's what YOU know about yourself," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. How does the 28-year-old maintain her amazing physique? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


She Lifts Weights

Priyal transformed her body in 2022 via weight lifting. "From 'I'm not at all a gym person to THIS'" she captioned a video of herself lifting. I wouldn't say a long journey because I enjoyed this phase so much," she continued. "I've embraced my body then but I respect it even more now."


She Went Through an "Inner Transformation"

While a lot of the focus has been on Priyal's outside image, she maintains she really changed on the inside. "The only thing i get to hear these days about myself is 'My Body Transformation' but genuinely, like genuinely 'Inner Transformation' is what I was/am always seeking for. Being an underconfident child I just wanted to go out there, give myself a chance to learn , explore , help overcome my insecurities and just be myself for once (apart from my worklife)," she wrote i the same post. "Yes I've been hard on myself and it definitely worked for me and how but again at the same time I don't always wanna be hard on myself because life already is, so the least I could do is just help myself Evolve in every way possible. I believe, Life = Work in progress always."


She Doesn't Diet

Priyal doesn't diet. "There is no cheat food as such as I have never followed any sort of diet. I eat whatever and whenever I want," she told IWM Buzz.


She Cooks


Will you find Priyal in the kitchen? "Yes, I cook at home. I cook quite a lot of stuff. I have made Vada Pav, Chinese dishes, Burger, Pizza, Spaghetti," she told IWM Buzz. Her family's favorite dish? "It is Paneer Chilli and Burger."


She Takes Time for Herself

Gor prioritizes self-care. "Personally, I love to eat Chinese (while I am writing this I am eating fried rice), I love dancing, listening to music and chit-chatting with friends," she says. "And if you want to know about my love life, then I am sorry to divulge that I am very much single. Furthermore, I don't plan to enter into any kind of relationship. I need my own space. Imagine shooting for an entire day and then spending time with a boyfriend. Phew… tiring!"


She Works on Herself

"Yes, I have worked on myself. In fact I feel I change everyday," she told Telly Chakkar. "Staying the same is very boring. For an actor it's very important to keep upgrading themselves. Not only appearance, [but] I like to keep changing my perspective… Well, along with appreciation there are abuses as well. I had received a lot of nasty comments on my bikini pictures. But let me say this is that I don't have a bikini body but I have the confidence to carry it. I don't care what people think. Life is very uncertain hence I want to live [life to the] fullest."

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