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Indian Actress Shriya Saran Shares Swimsuit Video From Beach

Here are her top health habits.

Shriya Saran is feeling blissful in her bathing suit. In one of her recent social media posts, the Indian actress enjoys a day on the beach with her family, looking gorgeous in a floral print swimsuit. "Happiness in my eyes," she captioned the Instagram Reel. "No sleep only beach , appam , mango curry , beach , water …. Repeat." How does the mother-of-one keep herself fit and healthy? Celebwell rounded up some of her most effective habits. 


Daily Workouts

"I workout every day and that is how I stay fit," Shriya revealed. The Hindu. She usually sweats right when she wakes up.. "It is a part of my daily routine, I really enjoy it." She added to Times of India:"I exercise every day, not because I am an actor but because exercising keeps me healthy and happy."



Shriya is a yogi, slipping in a session "whenever I get a chance," she told The Hindu. "It leaves me so refreshed, both body and mind."



Shriya also gets her zen on via meditation. "I try my best to take out time for exercise and also meditation, it really brings me peace of mind," she told The Hindu. 


A Non-Restrictive Diet


"I don't restrict myself from any food item. I am a non-vegetarian and I love home cooked food which usually includes daal, roti, aloo ki sabji, sambhar and fish. I try to avoid ice cream and sweets though," she told The Hindu. Shriya detailed her daily diet to Times of India. "I start my day with a glass of orange juice — it's rich in vitamin C, good for the skin and helps burn fat. After an hour, I have a masala omelette made from two egg whites, a bowl of porridge and a paratha. Between lunch and breakfast, I munch on fruit," she said. "Lunch is usually grilled fish with two chapatis, sabzi and daal. I dig Malabar, Andhra and Goan fish curry. I enjoy most vegetables but I am not a fan of karela. And I stay away from red meat. I like having an evening snack of sprout or vegetable salad along with nuts. My mother's chana cutlets, I love. I make sure I eat dinner by 7.30 pm since the body's metabolism slows down late at night, and food is stored as fat." Her before bed treat? A glass of hot milk drizzled with honey. "And I never compromise on sleep," she added.



Other workouts Shriya loves? "I enjoy dancing, mostly Kathak. I also swim whenever I get time," she told The Hindu. 


Outdoor Workout Sessions

Shriya told the Times of India that she prefers working out outdoors versus indoors. "That way, you sweat more and stay away from unnatural surrounding which air conditioned gyms trap you in," she said. "I start with a 20-minute run followed by 25 minutes of circuit training, which is an excellent high intensity but basic workout to strengthen the body. Back extensions, squats, lunges, push-ups, side to side jumps, jumping jacks, sit ups, bicep curls — I do it all in three sets of 15 repetitions each. The training works out various areas of my body," she continued. "Next, I spend 10 minutes doing the Suryanamaskar, and finish it off with a five-minute run. I'm done in 60 minutes. While I continue with circuit training, I alternate running with swimming and yoga during the week."

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