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IndyCar Racer Lindsay Brewer In Workout Gear Had a "Great Day"

Here are her training tips.

Model and professional racecar driver Lindsay Brewer is lending her time and racing skills to a very good cause. Brewer, 26, shared pictures of herself wearing black leggings and a cropped athletic jacket, flashing the peace sign for the camera. "What a great day with @kart4kidsproam raising money for Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital🏁 I got to battle it out on track with some great drivers all while supporting a great cause🤍," she captioned the post. Brewer has big dreams and some serious goals to reach—here's what her training and wellness routine looks like.


Building Strength

Brewer switched up her workout routine to focus on building strength and muscle. "I´ve had to up it significantly," she told Behind the Helmet. "I do a combination of a CrossFit-type regimen along with help from the people at PitFit. As a smaller driver at 5'4" and 105 lbs, I need to get my strength up to that of my teammates and competitors who are 150 lbs or so on average. I plan on pushing myself harder in the off-season in order to make sure strength is not an issue."


Endurance Training

Brewer's training is also heavily focused on endurance. "Racing is much more physical than people think," she told OK!. "People think you just turn the wheel but it's so much more. There are so many G force, there's no power steering — it's the most physical sport I've ever done. So there are certain workout routines I do as a race car driver that aren't typical. I do a lot of bodyweight training and a lot of cardio because your endurance is a big deal. I also do grip strength exercises for the wheel. But the best training I can do is track time. It works specific muscles you just can't hit in the gym."


Inspired By Danica Patrick

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Brewer is inspired by Danica Patrick's success. "We're around the same body build, and if Danica could do it, why can't I?" she told PEOPLE. "I'm a different person [behind the wheel]. I'm super nice off the track, and then as soon as I put my helmet on I'm much more aggressive and different than what people would assume. It's been cool to push myself. I know I can do anything that these guys can do. I know I'm quicker. I know I can do it."


Casual Style

Brewer's personal style is laid back. "It's very casual, very simple," she told OK!. "I like to keep things very chic, I like neutral colors. If you look at my page, there are definitely a lot of jeans and black crop tops. Cool and casual. I don't wear anything too extravagant, but I'm trying to get better at that. I've been experimenting with my style… I just ordered a Ferrari racing jacket for myself. I actually want to implement that style more into my everyday fashion. And I want to put more fashion into the racing world. I just designed my own racing suit. It's all white with rainbow chevron. I'm also designing some new merch now." 


Proud Role Model

Brewer hopes more women take an interest in the racing world. "I think it's a sport where men and women can compete on a relatively equal level," she told Behind the Helmet. "Most other sports are so different in physical demand and strength, and motorsports, although holds a differential, still gives us a relatively equal chance and I really think that's a cool thing, that we have a coed sport that is one of the most followed sports in the world."


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