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Influencer Zara McDermott Shares Swimsuit Photo Wishing She Was at the Beach

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Zara McDermott is reminiscing about having fun in the sun in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the Love Island beauty shows off her incredible body in a blue bathing suit from Sveti Vlas in Bulgaria. "Just found this pic from last year. How I wish I was in a bikini on the beach right now," she captioned the Instagram Stories snap of herself on the beach holding a tropical drink. How does the reality star and influencer approach health and fitness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Personal Trainer Sessions

Zara works out three times a week with Chris Barker. He revealed to Glamour UK that his star client is devoted to fitness. "A usual week would be Monday, Wednesday and Friday training with me with two additional cardio sessions if she can. I like to program full body days, so we are working out as much of the body as possible, however I will make sure that we are able to focus at the same time on certain areas like her bum, for example, which she has wanted to focus on," he said. 


Glute Work

Deadlifting, squats, and other glute exercises keep Zara's backside in great shape. "Learning how to perform these exercises correctly are a key foundation in any exercise program," Barker told Glamour. The key is, learning how to activate the glutes properly. "It is then using the key exercises like deadlifts, squats and hip thrusts and focusing on progressive overload (the principle behind most resistance training programs where you are either trying to lift a greater load or the lift the same load a greater number of times, thus putting the muscles under enough stress to elicit a response – meaning the muscle grows and becomes stronger)," he said. 


Health Apps

Zara is a big fan of fitness apps, which she uses to track her calorie intake and portion sizes. Her trainer maintains that the apps have been helpful in educating her about nutrition. "Like most of my clients, Zara follows a high protein diet; we then reduce her carbohydrates and fats depending on how she is looking and feeling. Zara is a great cook so she has always been very good with this side of things and this is why she looks as amazing as she does."


Cheat Meals

Zara cheats on occasion. Her trainer explains that overly restrictive diets and telling people they can't drink alcohol or ever eat their favorite foods, "is setting them up for failure," he said. "By teaching the importance of nutrition and how you can still achieve your results while having the occasional drink or enjoying a pizza then my clients tend to adhere to the program better and actually achieve longer lasting results. Zara still enjoys foods that many people would consider 'bad' but if you are sticking to a caloric plan and not going over your calorie levels consistently, you are still able to achieve great results ….and Zara is testament to that."


Plant-Based Foods


While Zara isn't totally plant-based, she tries to eat a lot of produce, she revealed on Instagram. "For the longest time I have looked at integrating more plant-based food into my diet and just be a bit more flexible with what I fuel my body with, whilst maintaining protein and nutrition intake," she wrote.  "As I mentioned before, ensuring I get enough protein is a priority to me, and not something I have had to compromise when adding meatless meals into my diet!"


Green Juice

Zara McDermott/Instagram

Zara gets her nutrients from green juice and smoothies. "Juicy sundays," she captioned this snap of herself. 

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