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Jake Gyllenhaal Shirtless in UFC Sweats Gets "the Wrap" and an Ice Bath

Here’s how he stays in shape.

Jake Gyllenhaal is best known for roles in Southpaw, Brokeback Mountain, and Donnie Darko. He recently shared a look at filming Roadhouse on Instagram. Gyllenhaal captioned that post, "The wrap." He also recently shared a video of himself having an ice bath on Instagram, captioning it, "Freezing moments of gratitude! Much to be thankful for during the process of pre, during and post workouts while training for @roadhousemovie — I am always appreciative of the amazing team that was in this with me from the start." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see TK ways Jake Gyllenhaal stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


He Eats Mostly Plant-Based

Gyllenhaal eats a mostly plant-based diet. He is even an investor for JustEgg, a plant based egg company. Gyllenhaal talked about how he adapted this diet to TODAY. "My father was already healthy going up and trying different things. He was the first person to introduce me to soy milk. He cooked things with tofu. When you have models like that, it influences you. I think that's been passed onto me. I find I when I'm eating right, and particularly when I eat more plant-based, I always have more energy."


He Cooks


Gyllenhaal tells TODAY that he does a lot of cooking. "Cooking, for me, is an important part of my day. Even if it's just for five minutes, scrambling some eggs or making a piece of toast. Sometimes, I like to daydream about recipes I dream of making and plan them in my mind. Cooking is where my family all came together, and still comes together. It's where great stories are told, and where we get to learn about what's going on and what happened during the day. I don't always have time, but I love cooking for people — so I find the time."


He's Consistent

Gyllenhaal works with trainer, Jason Walsh, to help him stay in shape. According to Walsh, the actor is very consistent with working out. "If he's not in the gym doing strength training and conditioning, he's swimming, he's outside playing paddle tennis, he cycles like crazy," Walsh  told Insider. "The guy does everything. He's just always looking for that stimulus."


He Ate A Balanced Diet


Gyllenhaal's trainer, Simon Waterson, talked about how the actor got in shape for Southpaw to Esquire. He says that Gyllenhaal ate a balanced diet throughout filming "I never cut food groups," explains Waterson. "I'm very balanced to make sure I have enough calories from a carbohydrate source to sustain energy, then enough from a protein to be able to make sure that the repair mechanism is there, and then good fats and good hydration. It's simplistic and balanced but it's nutritionally relevant to what he was trying to achieve."


He Stayed Hydrated

While filming Southpaw, Gyllenhaal made sure to stay hydrated. "Because of the heat in Morocco and the filming schedule we'd get up and work out at 4am," Waterson told Esquire. "It was vital to keep him fuelled and hydrated throughout the day. We were also filming during Ramadan, so it became a tough place to work with sustained bursts of energy when everyone else is absolutely exhausted."

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