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5 Ways Jelly Roll Dropped 23 Pounds

How Jelly Roll is focused on health and losing weight while on his country-wide tour. 
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Jelly Roll is currently on his Backroad Baptism Tour and while life on the road can be tough, the country singer is making health a priority. In just two weeks the genre-defying artist has dropped weight and shared the update with fans in a clip. "Another successful weigh-in for Jelly," his nutritionist Ian Larios, who is traveling with the star, said. "He just passed the two-week mark and so far on this tour he's lost 23 pounds." Jelly opened up last year about wanting to make lifestyle changes. "I'm going to spend the first couple months of the year just focusing on family and health," he told Music Mayhem. "I lost some weight this year in 2022, but in 2023 I wanna finally conquer the demon." He added, "I don't leave for a big tour until about the middle of the year. So I plan on taking the first half of the year to tighten the album up and get some work in." Here's five ways Jelly is focused on losing weight and what nutrition experts think.


He Works Out With His Wife

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Jelly, whose real name is Jason DeFord, works out with his wife Bunnie. She posted a quick video of herself working alongside their dog while Jelly was sitting in a chair post-workout. 

What the Expert Says: "Partners can act as accountability and motivating buddies that will make it more likely for you to stick to your workouts since you don't want to let the other person down," Rachel MacPherson a certified personal trainer and certified exercise nutrition specialist says. "They will likely also remind you of commitments and check in on you, especially if you agree to do that for one another. It can also be more fun and engaging to work with a friend, which increases the chances of you sticking to your workouts."  She adds, "When it comes to working out with your wife or significant other, using time to get active together is another way you can bond and spend time together. This is especially useful if you have a very busy lifestyle and have trouble making time for yourselves as a couple. Getting active together increases all kinds of feel-good hormones that can improve your relationship and your romantic bond as a couple."


He Has a Trainer


Jelly is really focused on his health and started working with a personal trainer a few months ago. "I got a guy, man," he told the outlet. "I'm [about to] start working with my boy, who owns a gym in Brentwood, and we're [gonna] start getting after it at the top of the year."

What the Expert Says: "One of the most significant benefits is motivation and tracking progress, which go hand in hand," MacPherson states. "Trainers will motivate you and monitor your progress in several ways, not only the weight on the scale or bar but other small victories you may not recognize, such as improved form, becoming more in touch with your body's abilities and needs, and seeming more confident in the gym." There's many benefits to having a personal trainer and MacPherson says, "Another reason to work with a trainer is to develop a clear and reasonable plan for meeting your goals plus goal setting in the first place that is achievable and realistic for the time and skill level you have." She adds, "Trainers can create ever-evolving programs that develop and change along with the progress you make and any life incidents that need to be worked around, such as getting busier and needing to cut back on time or days in the gym. Trainers can also monitor and shift the volume you do over time to ensure you continue to see results."


He's Consistent and Works Out Daily


Back in February, Jelly expressed on X, formerly known as Twitter, the dedication he has to his wellness journey. "Just know that I'm doing my part — I'm working out daily." 

What the Expert Says: ACE-certified trainer and nutritionist Mary Sabat MS, RDN, LD explains," Consistency plays a crucial role in achieving fitness goals for several reasons:

–Physical Adaptation: Consistently engaging in exercise and maintaining a healthy diet allows the body to adapt over time. This adaptation leads to increased strength, endurance, and improved metabolic efficiency, all of which contribute to weight loss and overall fitness.

-Habit Formation: Consistency helps turn healthy behaviors into habits. When activities like exercising and eating well become habits, they require less mental effort to maintain. This makes it easier to stick to your routine even when motivation fluctuates.

–Progress Tracking: Consistency provides a reliable basis for tracking progress. Regular workouts and consistent nutrition make it easier to monitor changes in weight, body composition, and overall fitness. This tracking can be motivating and allows for necessary adjustments if progress stalls.

–Positive Feedback Loop: Consistency often leads to positive feedback from both the body and the mind. When you see tangible results from your efforts, such as weight loss or increased energy, it reinforces your commitment to your fitness goals.

–Mental Resilience: Developing the discipline to maintain consistency builds mental resilience. Overcoming the challenges of sticking to a routine, especially when facing obstacles, strengthens your determination and ability to persevere."


He Meditates


In his post on X, Jelly also mentioned he "prays and meditates," which has a lot of positive health benefits. 

What the Expert Says: Sabat shares how mediation can enhance someone's fitness and health goals. 

–"Stress Reduction: Meditation helps reduce stress, which can have physical effects on the body. High-stress levels can lead to weight gain or hinder weight loss due to hormonal imbalances and unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating. By managing stress, meditation indirectly supports weight loss and overall health.

–Mindful Eating: Meditation fosters mindfulness, which can positively impact eating habits. Being more aware of hunger and fullness cues, as well as making conscious choices about food, can prevent overeating and emotional eating.

–Willpower and Self-Control: Regular meditation can enhance willpower and self-control. This can help resist temptations that could derail your nutrition plan or discourage you from sticking to your exercise routine."


He Has a Positive Outlook


Jelly is ready to take control of his health and told Music Mayhem he's at a place where he wants to "finally conquer the demon." He's tackling his goals with a solid plan, a supportive team and a positive mindset. [I'm] "Eating better – losing weight," he wrote on X. "Making sure I bring the best version of me on my new album and this tour… this is what growth and gratitude look like in real time."

What the Expert Says: "Jelly Roll's approach, incorporating prayer, meditation, exercise, and a positive outlook, seems to be a holistic strategy that addresses both physical and mental aspects of health and fitness," Sabat says. "It's a great example of how a comprehensive approach can lead to meaningful and sustainable results." Sabat also explains the health benefits of a positive attitude with regard to reaching wellness goals.  

–"Motivation: A positive outlook generates motivation and enthusiasm, making it more likely for individuals to engage in healthy behaviors. When you're optimistic about the outcomes of your efforts, you're more likely to stay committed to your fitness goals.

–Resilience: A positive mindset helps you bounce back from setbacks. Instead of viewing setbacks as failures, a positive outlook allows you to see them as learning opportunities and continue moving forward.

–Consistency: Positivity contributes to consistency. When you believe that your efforts will lead to success, you're more likely to maintain a consistent routine, even when faced with challenges or plateaus.

–Stress Reduction: Positivity and gratitude are linked to lower stress levels. Reduced stress supports overall health and can prevent stress-induced weight gain."

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