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Jena Frumes Shares Swimsuit Video on Her Birthday

Here is what she eats in a day.

Jena Frumes is celebrating her birthday – in her swimsuit. In one of her most recent social media posts the model-slash-actress celebrates her 30th birthday by unboxing a piece of jewelry from Chanel. "Unbox my birthday gift with me ! Are you guys ready for my party content? …then I promise I'm done celebrating my birthday🤣🤍 9/21 #virgo," she captioned the post. How does the star keep herself in such great shape? She recently revealed everything she eats in a day. 


She Starts with Celery Juice and a Ginger Shot with Lemon

In her What I Eat in a Day YouTube video, Jena revealed that she starts her day with a few drinks. "So first thing in the morning, we don't really like to eat heavy because we like to go to the gym first thing in the morning, but we read up on this celery juice situation. So we've been doing some celery juice," she said. "So basically what we'll do is we'll just blend celery and then add a little bit of water. Drink that we wait 15 minutes or 20 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, just depends how our digestive track is working. And then we will have a ginger shot with lemon."


She Has Avocado Toast for Breakfast

Jena Frumes/Instagram

Next, Jena moves on to breakfast-slash-brunch: avocado toast with egg. She usually makes two eggs. "I like to add creole seasoning. I love creole seasoning. I put it on literally everything. Cayenne pepper is good on everything and I like spicy," she added. "Then I like to put regular salt as well, and then I'll mix it up, get my pan." She mashes up avocado and places it on honey wheat bread.


She Snacks But Keeps It Healthy


Jena is "a big snacker," she says. "We're trying really hard this year to keep only healthy snacks in the house." One snack, "that's actually something that I need," she says, is probiotics. "So I will take this pretty often, almost every day if I remember. And it tastes so good." She also loves trail mix granola bars. "I love apples. These are the honey crisp apples. These are my favorite apples. I'll eat like three of these a day. Sometimes I love them so much." She tries to snack healthy, 94% of the time. Cookies and brownies are her go-to unhealthy snacks. 


She Orders Healthy Salads

Jena Frumes/Instagram

When she doesn't feel like cooking Jena orders salad from Postmates. "I am not going to lie. I don't cook three times a day. I usually cook one time a day. It's either breakfast, lunch or dinner." Her favorite salad is kale, spring mix, hot sauce, lime cilantro dressing, portobello mushrooms, blackened chicken, raw beets, onions, sweet potatoes, spicy broccoli, cucumbers, basil, avocado. 


Her Go-To Dinner: Protein, Veggies, Carbs

When she's not ordering Postmates, "what I really like to do for dinner is I just pick a protein, a vegetable, and a carb," says Jena. One of her favorite meals is stuffed peppers. "But I do it with Beyond Meat. So instead of ground beef, you just get beyond meat and then make it the same way. Put your onions, your spices, your sauces and stuff, the pepper up and it's just as good, I promise," she says. 

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