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Jena Sims In Workout Gear Says "Sports Illustrated, Still a Dream"

She did the shoot just four months postpartum.

Model and actress Jena Sims is still overwhelmed by the positive response to her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot. Sims, 35, shared a video reel of her experience for the iconic magazine, including a moment where she's posing in green shorts and a pink sports bra for a mirror selfie. "@si_swimsuit, still a dream. Thank you @mj_day 💜," she captioned the post. Here's how the entrepreneur feels about shooting SI just four months postpartum.


Postpartum Sports Illustrated

Sims was just four months postpartum when she shot her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photos. "As soon as I was cleared to, I started eating really clean and working out," she told . I didn't kill myself over it. I was breastfeeding and recovering from a C-section and when they gave me a firm date. I was like, 'It's go time,'" she told The Post. "I woke up every day before Crew and worked out six days a week."


Dream Closet

Sims has a wine fridge in her closet. "If I have girlfriends over, they're like, 'let's just go hang out in your closet,'" she told Sports Illustrated. "I used to live in L.A. and I loved my old apartment in L.A. I had like brown carpet and like popcorn ceiling. I just loved that. And I get a little taste of that space in my closet. It's just, it's exactly me. I can just sit in there. Sometimes I just sit on the floor and drink wine and like scroll TikTok."


Pregnancy Pride

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Sims is proud she hit the runway while pregnant. "Being pregnant, I released that control and owned my body," she told Jupiter Magazine. "I have never felt more empowered and prouder of myself. Physically, I was working hard in other ways—like growing another human's organs! I also loved that I was never alone on the runway; I had my son with me every step of the way. I can't wait to embarrass him one day with my runway video footage!"


Motherhood and Ambition

Sims says motherhood only made her more ambitious. "You are allowed to pursue your dreams before, during, and after pregnancy," she told Jupiter Magazine. "For me, motherhood fuels ambition. The message I want to convey is the same as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: All bodies are swimsuit bodies."


Support From Brooks Koepka

Sims' husband Brooks Koepka was supportive of his wife as she prepared for the shoot. "I sat him down and said this is going to be the equivalent of me training for a major golf tournament and it kind of resonated with him," she told The Post. "He really stepped up. At that time there weren't any major tournaments coming up for him. If I had a workout and Crew wasn't asleep he would take care of Crew and just completely worked his schedule around mine, which is what I do for him when he's training for something. It was so seamless."

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