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Jenna Dewan in Gym Gear Breaks Hand During Workout

The workout she is obsessed with.

Jenna Dewan works hard for her physique—but sometimes that drive backfires, as she highlighted in a video posted on social media. Dewan, 43, is seen working out in black leggings and a white crop top (so far so good), jumping onto a block. Somehow, during the jump, the dancer managed to break not only a nail but her hand. "And she kept working out 😯 #tbt to one of my more painful moments of 2023," she captioned the video. Dewan has been in the public eye for over 20 years—here's what her workouts and diet look like now.


She Loves Weights

Dewan is a dancer, but these days she is heavily into weight lifting (no pun intended). "I'm into variety, so I like to switch it up because I get bored easily," she tells PopSugar. "Lately, I started with a trainer, which for me is new because I had been just doing Pilates or dance-based workouts or yoga. The trainer's been great for me. He's full-on — we're deadlifting, we're squatting. But I give him 45 minutes and I'm like: this is the time I have, make it worth it. And it's really helped. At the moment, I'm preferring to sculpt and build muscle, so I'm definitely into weight lifting. But I still love my Pilates. I still love my Tracy Anderson. I love yoga, whenever I get to it. And then I have a bike at home, like a cycling bike that I'll do. If I just don't have time, that's kind of what I get into."


80/20 Diet


Dewan's diet is mostly plant-based. "I've always been 'healthy,' but the last couple years we've been kind of all over the place. So I'm back on a health kick at the moment," she tells PopSugar. "I've been vegan before and I kind of went vegetarian while pregnant. But I really like [to get] as much vegetables and greens as possible, and then add in on top of that. I try to do an 80-20, 80 percent really good for you, and 20 percent to enjoy what I want to enjoy. But right now, I've been in this cleanse stage, so in the mornings I like a green juice — like a celery juice or green smoothie — and I'll have a cup of coffee."


Crystals and Connections

Dewan's spiritual life is very important to her. "I definitely believe in the unseen and connective energy that we all can tune into," she tells Shape. "I love the feeling that nothing is random and that there is something greater than you and a connected force to the whole universe… I loved crystals, and I learned more about the properties of each crystal and the Feng Shui of where to put them in the house, and it just became almost a hobby."


Rest and Meditation

Dewan has learned how important it is to carve time out for self-care. "Rest is the hardest thing for me to come by, as I'm sure most people can relate, but I try to get as much as I can," she tells Shape. "Making time for myself within working, within family, within all of that is very, very important for me and not the easiest to do, but I make it a priority." "I go in and out of being a really great meditator and someone who does it when they can, but even just one meditation a day or every other day — as much as I can to keep my stress levels down — is really good for me."


Financial Planning Skills

Dewan partnered with Wells Fargo bank to help working mothers understand their finances better. "Planning for the future, managing your financial health and well-being, all of that's been valuable and something I've had to learn," she tells Forbes. "I have an overall simplistic goal with budgeting things. I ask myself, what is an immediate necessary financial need? What is my overall for the year? What are my goals, and where am I trying to go? I try to have a bit of a general idea and a general budgeting plan. Then, I am open to flowing with that and figuring that out. But I definitely think it's about looking at things in the big picture and then the immediate image."

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