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Jenna Fischer In Workout Gear Says "We Got This!"

"A big shout out to all my shoulder friends out there."

The Office star Jenna Fischer is updating fans on her recovery from a broken shoulder. Fischer, 50, shared a picture of herself wearing black yoga pants and a blue sweatshirt, looking joyous with her arms outstretched on the beach. "It's been a year since I broke my right shoulder and I can only just now put my arm above my head (with assistance). After a brief setback earlier this year, I'm still in physical therapy and still fighting to get my full strength and range of motion back. The shoulder is a tricky one to rehabilitate. A big shout out to all my shoulder friends out there…and to anyone coming back from surgery or injury. Don't give up. We got this!" she captioned the post. Here's what Fischer's approach to wellness looks like.


Love For Yoga


Fischer has practiced yoga for years, and loves the way it makes her feel both physically and on a spiritual level. "It's my mind, body, and spirit cleanse," she told Good Housekeeping. "After a long weekend of play dates and sporting events and kid birthday parties, I can't tell you how much I crave my Monday morning yoga class."


Eggs and Fruit

Fischer says no matter how many times she tries something new, she always ends up going back to the same breakfast: eggs and fruit. Why? Because it keeps her satiated. "A large hard-boiled egg contains just 78 calories and can be incredibly filling," according to UPMC HealthBeat. "Eggs can help you feel fuller, and feeling fuller longer lessens the temptation to snack throughout the day. Be mindful about cooking your eggs in oil and fat, as butter can quickly spike your caloric intake. Eggs make a great addition to a high-protein diet, which has been found to boost metabolism."


Going For a Jog

Fischer loves to run, and found it especially useful with a jogging stroller for postpartum workouts. "As you begin to run, your heart starts pumping harder and pushing blood through your body at a faster rate," according to Cigna Healthcare. "Your respiratory system starts working harder and you mentally prepare yourself for vigorous exercise. As you continue to push yourself to go harder and faster, your body starts releasing endorphins. These hormones act as a stimulant in the body, resulting in what many call a 'natural high'."


Postpartum Fitness

Fischer took her time to return to a "normal" level of fitness after having kids. "Start with something low impact and simple — such as a daily walk," advises the Mayo Clinic. "If you're looking for camaraderie, see if you can find a postpartum exercise class at a local gym or community center."


Coffee Every Day

Antioxidant-packed coffee is Fischer's energy boost of choice. Experts say the polyphenols in coffee beans offer a host of health benefits. "Coffee can be good for us and actually help prevent disease due to its being high in antioxidants," Keri Glassman, M.S., R.D.N., tells Prevention.

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