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Jennifer Connelly In Workout Gear Goes On "Snowshoe Adventure"

“Snowshoe adventure in VT ❄️."

Jennifer Connelly is braving the freezing temperatures to get out and exercise (the actress previously said how important it is for her to move every day). Connelly, 53, shared pictures of herself wearing thick winter workout clothes, taking a snowshoe walk with her beloved dog. "Snowshoe adventure in VT ❄️," she captioned the post. "Magical!" a fan commented. Connelly has been in the public eye since she was a teenager—here's how the Top Gun: Maverick star stays healthy, happy, and fit.


Holistic Health and Beauty

Connelly's approach to health and beauty is all about balance. "I'm very much aligned with the philosophy of taking a holistic approach to health, well being and beauty," she told New Beauty. "I try to do things that complement each other and work from the inside out. I eat well, exercise regularly and live my life in a pretty balanced and healthy way. Taking care of your skin is definitely part of the approach."


Running and Yoga

Connelly swears by running and yoga to stay fit, happy, and healthy. "I've had to become more flexible because I have three kids and I work," she told Chatelaine. "I practice yoga, and I've been a runner since I was a teenager. I still run when I can, not always every day, but whenever I have time. All I need is a pair of sneakers, and I can go. When my baby is napping, I grab a half-hour or else put her in the stroller and take her with me. I always feel so much happier after I've done it!"


Family Life

Connelly and husband Paul Bettany enjoy spending quiet evenings at home with friends and family. "My husband and I like to spend time with friends doing simple things like playing music, cooking dinners and hanging out with the people we love," she told Chatelaine. "So far, knock on wood, I have a great relationship with my children. I just feel so privileged to be able to spend time with them, and it brings me a lot of joy."


Books and Music

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Connelly uses books and music to inspire her acting. "Over the years, I've listened to various albums by Radiohead while working on movies—different albums depending on the project," she told L'OFFICIEL USA. "I often return to the books of Virginia Woolf—I find interesting things there for building my characters. But what feeds me the most are the streets of New York. They're unpredictable."


Women In Hollywood

Connelly is happy working conditions are improving for women in the entertainment industry. "I think that the work environment has definitely changed for the better," she told Marie Claire. "That's great; that's fantastic. There's a lot more awareness,  sensitivity and focus on roles for women, which is wonderful. There's probably still more work to do but we're definitely moving in the right direction."

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