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Jennifer Garner in Maroon Sports Bra Does Box Jumps 

Here's everything to know about what Jennifer Garner's balanced diet is like. 

Jennifer Garner, 51, shows off her box-jumping skills in a recent video she posted on Instagram. The 13 Going on 30 star wears a maroon sports bra, black pants, and a headband as she hops over several boxes while her friend cheers her on in the background. She repeated the exercise several times, even dancing on top of a box after completing a round, and looked refreshed and happy as she moved close to the camera and said hi to fans. In addition to working out, the mom of three is known to document her cooking adventures and clean diet. Here's what Garner eats to stay healthy and fit. 


She Has the Same Breakfast Every Day


In a video interview with Harper's BAZAAR, Garner shared she eats the same thing for breakfast most days. "My regular breakfast is coffee and more coffee," Garner says at the start of the video, adding that she'll have a black coffee and sometimes an almond milk cappuccino to start the day. "Usually these days, I'll have one breakfast that I get really fixated on for a few years. Right now it is a full-fat yogurt and berries and nuts."


She Snacks on Apples

Garner grows apples in her garden and told Harper's BAZAAR she loves them for a healthy snack. "I always have an apple. If I'm going to be out, I prefer to have it cut up. Otherwise, if you have lipstick on, it's a disaster."


She Eats Salad for Lunch

Garner's go-to lunch is salad. "A typical lunch is a big arugula salad, some dark greens, chopped-up veggies, whatever is fresh in the garden–broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, sugar snap peas, peppers, anything, cheese, nuts, sweet potato, or a little bit of brown rice."


She Doesn't Consider Herself a Good Cook

Although she posts about what she's cooking semi-regularly, Garner doesn't think she's a great cook. "A typical dinner would be mom food most nights of the week," Garner said with a laugh. "I don't consider myself a good cook or baker, and I do not have the gift of making anything cute, that's why I always say I'm not a pretty baker. But I do like to cook and bake for people I love, especially for my kids."


She Relies on Ina Garten for Recipes

Food Network's famed chef Ina Garten has countless fans, including Garner. "I lean heavily on Barefoot Contessa, I love her recipes," she said, adding that you can count on recipes like Garten's Honey White Bread, Roast Chicken, and Beef Bourguignon. She added, "The way that she's taught me to roast vegetables, the way she makes salmon, I mean anything I do well, it's because of Ina."


She Loves Salad on Top of Pizza


Garten isn't the only celebrity chef Garner follows. "I'm a big Pizzana person," she shared, adding that she's a big fan of the Los Angeles location, often going for a Brussels sprout salad on the menu. "I've been friends with Daniele forever so I'm so happy for him." Garner then revealed the unique way she eats pizza. "What I love is to take a piece of my kid's pizza and to take that salad, and I love salad on top of pizza. Do you think that's weird?" Garner asked. "I put on as much as I possibly can and then I fold it up. That is my favorite."


She Has a Sweet and Salty Tooth

Garner shared at the end of the interview that she has a sweet and salty tooth, and hates olives, but loves everything else. "The thing I can't resist if it's in my house, so it can't be in my house is I learned how to make homemade magic shell. You know the chocolate that hardens over ice cream, and when you make it yourself you can titrate how much milk chocolate you want versus dark chocolate." Putting in her hand to her face she said, "I can't handle it. If it's in the house, I'm having a bowl of ice cream with magic shell."

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