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Jilly Anais In Workout Gear Makes Jerk Chicken Wings

“10 out of 10.”

Influencer and cookbook author Jilly Anais is showing off her impressive culinary skills in a new social media video. Anais, 28, shared a video of herself wearing blue two-piece workout gear, making her favorite jerk chicken wings in the kitchen. "10 outta 10, HIGHLY recommend 🤤 #ChefJilly #JerkChickenWings," she captioned the post. Anais just made her debut on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit runway in Miami—here's how she stays fit, focused, and always evolving.


Active Lifestyle

Anais has been athletic since she was a child. "I played a variety of sports, and I did cheer and dance all throughout my life," she told Women Fitness. "Being young and active, in types of sports and activities played a strong role in who I am today and how I am so multidimensional. I definitely love working out! My work out routine consists of 45 minute cardio, a lot of ab exercises, squats, leg and arm exercises. I always follow my workouts with going into the sauna for about 15 minutes, which is a great ending to all my workouts."


Skincare Routine

Anais keeps her skincare routine simple but effective. "I don't take any skin treatment, I just make sure I wash my face very well every day," she told Women Fitness. "I don't sleep with my makeup on which is a key factor in having healthy looking skin. And with my hair, I wash it a lot. I deep condition it, which is what helps to make it silky looking. I also drink a lot of water which is good for my hair, nails and skin…it's the key to having flawless everything."


Advice For Singers

Anais wants aspiring singers to never give up on their goals. "Just keep on keeping on," she told Sheen Magazine. "At the end of the day, that's really your dream. There's more no's than yes's. You gotta keep knocking those doors down. You gotta keep knocking them down and continue fighting for your passion. Keep on keeping on, don't let anyone tell you no."


Healthy Diet

Anais is careful about her diet. "I just always watch what I eat," she told Women Fitness. "I don't necessarily have a diet that I stick to but I'm very cautious. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and I only drink water. I don't drink any juice. I rarely eat junk food, and maintain a healthy lifestyle."


Home Cooking

Anais enjoys restaurants, but really loves cooking for her loved ones. "Thing I love about eating out is 1, you don't have to clean up after yourself. 2, you don't have to cook it. 3, you just get to eat it and enjoy it," she told Sheen Magazine. "But I love cooking for my loved ones. I think that's the best thing – feeding people you love. I love eating out, but nothing is better than cooking homemade meals. Just that camaraderie and everything, the love and the affection that comes around it."

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