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Women's Basketball Player Jonquel Jones in Workout Gear "Had a Great Time"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Jonquel Jones is a successful player in the WNBA. She recently joined the New York Liberty. Jones previously played on the Connecticut Sun. Jones recently went to AllStar, and shared highlights from the game on Instagram. In them, she wore her team uniform. Jones captioned the post, "Had a great time at All Star this past week. Now it's time for playoffs." Jones also shared highlights from a vacation she took on Instagram, captioning the post, "Great friendships. Great vibes." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Jonquel Jones stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Wants To Win

In an interview with The Next Hoops, Jones talked about her decision to join New York Liberty. She says that she was drawn to how talented the team was and how invested they were in winning. "Playing against Liberty last year, I saw a shift in the culture, that was for sure," she said. "The way that they played high-octane basketball, playing both sides of the ball, a lot of young talent that was very lively. And you can see that they were invested in winning, and like I said, changing that culture."


She's Taking Opportunities

Jones tells The Next Hoops that another factor in her decision to join the Liberty was wanting more opportunities. "Being in Connecticut, I can tell them firsthand that you may think that you have more [playoff] opportunities, but no opportunity is as important as the one that you have before you right there and right now," she said. "And so I think that's going to be extremely important is letting them understand that every opportunity matters, and every chance you get to step on the court is [an] opportunity to play your best. And the future is not promised. So in order for us to maximize our potential, play at the level that we know that we're going to be capable of playing, which is a very high level … we're gonna have to be willing to sacrifice and play hard every game."


She's Dedicated

Jones is extremely dedicated to the WNBA. She talked about this to The Next Hoops. "Anything that the organization needs me to do, I'm there. Obviously, we want to put our best foot forward. And I'm all in on whatever they want to do. … It hasn't started yet. But when it does, we will be there."


She Has Support

Jones tells ESPN that she grew up with a supportive community around her. She says that she wants her children to have a similar environment around them. "It wasn't just my parents that were raising me," Jones says. "It was everybody in the community. When I think about raising my kids one day, I want them to be raised in a type of situation like that."


She Plays Basketball

Jones is a basketball player, and this naturally helps her stay in shape. The Mayo Clinic reports that basketball has a lot of benefits. "Basketball as a recreational exercise seems to share many affirmative attributes with typical health-enhancing physical activities. Boosting cardiometabolic health and strengthening bone structure might be among the most promising benefits of playing leisure-time basketball, while controlling for risk of injury."

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