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Jordana Brewster In Two-Piece Workout Gear Lifts Heavy Weights

“She clapped back.”

Jordana Brewster looks effortlessly stylish and put together, even in the middle of an intense strength training session. In a video shared by personal trainer Shannon Decker, Brewster, 44, is seen wearing black workout gear at the gym, lifting weights while wearing bright pink sneakers. "When I was side eyeing her shoes she clapped back lmao," reads the caption over the post. Brewster is dedicated to her workout regimen, while filming and during breaks—here's what her fitness routine looks like.


She's a Runner

Jordana Brewster/Instagram

Brewster loves running every day. "I like to run intervals and also hike for about 30 minutes," she told The Cut. "Three times a week, I also train with either a trainer or by myself, depending on where I am, and lift weights and do squats and jump-squats. I do this year-round, whether I'm prepping for a movie or not. For my personality, it's easier to maintain than to freak out right before a shoot."


Running and Meditation


Brewster knows there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. "I think you really have to find what's for you," she told The Cut. "I want to love yoga, but that doesn't work for me. It doesn't calm me down. Running calms me down more than that. Meditation really works for me. It's been six years now that I've been meditating. You have to find a practice that helps center yourself — it's unique to you."


Positive Messaging

Brewster battled eating disorders in the past, and is mindful about her approach to diet. "As a mom, I also try to model healthy eating and not being controlling, but I find that that can be really challenging," she told The Healthy. "And I also have to remind myself, just because I have boys doesn't mean that they're not internalizing negative messaging around like, "Oh, don't eat that because it's bad." I try not to make it bad or good. But sometimes that program is so embedded, it's hard. But I have to check myself."



Brewster wants to model good self-care for her kids. "The self-care routine I refuse to skip is baths," she told The Healthy. "I love taking baths. I love sleep, and meditation helps a lot. That helps to center me because I think as a mom you're juggling, or you're driving to sports events, you're driving to school events, you're just doing so much. So to be able to center and go, 'OK, wait, how do I feel right now? Where's my energy at?' I think checking in is really, really important."


Working Out First Thing

Brewster wakes up early every day to work out before her children are up. "I get up at 5 a.m. every morning to work out because I love working out while they're asleep, so I can get it done," she told The Healthy. "As I get older I'm super into balance. I like working the muscles that are going to make me stronger and make me feel stronger, and I want to be able to run every single day. So I incorporate Pilates and strength training and lots of stretching."

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