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Julianne Hough Shows Off Slim Figure in Dancing Video Montage 

Here is everything you need to know about her favorite workout. 

Julianne Hough is showing off her dance moves – and her slim figure. In a new social media montage, the Dancing with the Stars judge dances her way through life, confessing that she is always busting a move. "Not, not dancing," she joked in the Instagram caption. "I love it!!! And I love you!!!" one of her followers commented. "Whatever it is, babe, you have GOT IT. 🙂 Really hitting your stride. And lookin' gorgeous, btw," added another. What do you need to know about Hough's go-to exercise? Celebwell has the details. 


She Moves "Every Day"

Hough gets her daily exercise. "Working out and staying healthy is part of my daily routine," she told Us Weekly. "I move my body every day doing a variety of workouts."


She Does Body by Simon

For years, Julianne relied on Body by Simone, a dance-inspired cardio workout created by Simone de la Rue. The method mixes dancing with intervals of conditioning moves to target the upper and lower body and core. "We do lots of mat work, body-weight moves and free weights," she told Good Morning America.""The trampoline cardio might sound crazy, but it's a great low-impact option. As a dancer, you've got to take good care of your knees!"


She Created KINRGY

Julianne formulated her own workout, KINRGY, inspired by her love of dance. "Dance continues to surprise me. Dance strengthens muscles that I didn't even know I had – physically, emotionally and energetically 💪🏼😊✨ I'm feeling so grateful for my daily #KINRGY practice which brings me strength and power – internally and externally! Connecting with the elements and moving intuitively is what it's all about! The more I move, the more I feel myself in #flow and fully expressed," she wrote in a recent Instagram post. 


She Maintains It's "Not About Getting the Steps Right"

"It's important to remember that it's not about getting the steps right, but just about keeping your heart rate up and having a good time," Hough told GMA.


What Makes Dancing a Great Workout?

Dancing is a great workout for many reasons. Not only does it build strength and promote flexibility, but helps you lose weight and even promotes cardiovascular function. A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine determined that people who engaged in moderate-intensity dancing were 46 percent less likely to develop heart disease or die from it than non-dancers. In comparison, moderate-intensity walkers were just 25 percent less likely to suffer heart health issues.

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