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Jutta Leerdam In Workout Gear Enjoys "Colorado Hikes" With Jake Paul

Here are her lifestyle and wellness tips.

Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam is taking advantage of the stunning Colorado landscape to go out hiking with her dog. 25-year-old Leerdam, who is dating Jake Paul, shared sweet pictures and video of herself wearing black leggings and a bright pink hoodie, going up a trail with Paul, against a dramatic mountain background. "Colorado hikes," she captioned the post. "Our wittle family," Paul commented. Here's how the professional athlete stays fit, happy, and full of energy.


Why She Chose Skating

Leerdam chose skating over hockey because she wanted an individual sport where she could shine and beat her own records. "I then chose skating, because hockey cannot be measured," she told Women's Health. "Of course you can score, but you cannot measure exactly what you do in terms of time. And it is a team sport. You are dealing with a team. Then you can have the best day of your life and still lose. You don't get that with skating. That individual approach actually suits me more. Not that I'm selfish – because I really am a sharer – but in sports I just want to win too much."


Her Favorite Distance

Leerdam's favorite distance is the 1000 meters. "It is a combination of sprint, top speed – which is even higher than a shorter distance, such as the 500 meters – and it is also a lot of endurance," she told Women's Health. "The 1000 meters is a combination of everything."


Family Time

Leerdam takes full advantage of her time spent off the ice, saying the best thing about it is freedom from the rigid structure of her training regimen. "That I can manage my own time. That I can decide for myself whether I will train in the morning or in the evening," she told ELLE. "Or, if I'm very tired, that I don't exercise. And I have time to meet up with friends and see my family. Because of the sport I only have limited time for that, so I want to cherish those moments."


Team Leader


Leerdam is the leader of her own team, which is scary but rewarding. "I also have the feeling that things will always turn out well, especially if I work hard for it," she told ELLE. "And I have nice people around me, like Koen and my family. I have an older brother and two sisters, one of 25 and one of 15. We have a very good bond. Fortunately, I'm not the type to be negative easily. I try to keep it that way. In sports, the pressure is high, from the media, the public, and your environment. I try to use that pressure as fuel so that I go extra fast at the right time."


The Joy of Skating

Leerdam thinks speed skating should get more recognition for being a truly beautiful sport. I think skating is the most beautiful, but also one of the toughest sports in the world," she told Women's Health. "You have to sit very deep and have a lot of power, especially in the sprint. As a skater you have to be very explosive, and the adrenaline that comes with that gives you a kick. Getting through those corners under your own power and trying to gain a lot of speed is of course a wonderful feeling. In addition to strength, it is also about endurance, adrenaline, explosiveness, speed in the turns – that makes skating the most beautiful sport for me."

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