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Kacey Musgraves in Two-Piece Workout Gear Poses With Peacock

In one, she wore a red workout top and white shorts.

Kacey Musgraves is an extremely successful singer. She's won several Grammys, and her successful songs include "High Horse", "Rainbow", and "Slow Burn." Musgraves recently enjoyed a vacation, and shared some photos on her Instagram story. In two photos, she is seen in a red swimsuit by the rocks. In another, she wore a red workout top and white shorts, and a peacock is seen next to her. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Kacey Musgraves stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She's All About Self-Care

Musgraves shared her wellness routine in an interview with Glamour. "A big part of my self-care mindset is just giving myself a break from the pressure I put on myself. As far as products, I do love the CBD pens and pre-rolls from The Edie Parker line, Weedie Parker. I also try to stay hydrated, eat clean, get enough sleep, and stay on top of going to therapy. And laugh. I love, love, love laughing."


She Takes Care Of Her Lips

Musgraves shared her favorite products with Glamour. She says that she makes sure to take care of her lips. "I'm constantly on a search for something to cure my dry-lip phobia, so I'm currently loving Supa Balm by KNC Beauty. There's also a drugstore chapstick called Dr. Dan's CortiBalm that has hydrocortisone cream in it and helps so much."


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Kacey Musgraves/Instagram

Musgraves makes sure to take care of her skin. She shared her routine with Glamour. "I love the new Augustinus Bader face oil. Also, the Tensage Radiance Eye Cream by Biopelle. It has the perfect amount of luminescence to it and instantly makes you look awake. I love the 111 Skin face sheet masks. Then I use the facial ice globes from Fraîcheur that I keep in the fridge and use whenever I have a headache or puffy eyes or inflammation."


She Eats Healthy

Kacey Musgraves/Instagram

In an interview, Musgraves shared her diet secrets. She says that she makes sure to eat a balanced, healthy diet. "It's all about balance and still letting my tastebuds enjoy themselves. If there's a reason to celebrate or I'm somewhere that has some kind of food that I know I won't be able to resist, then I try to eat lighter all around that. Also, I try to eliminate carbs and most processed foods."


She Works Her Legs

Kacey Musgraves/Instagram

Musgraves works with trainer, Erin Opera, to keep herself in shape. Opera shared one of the leg workouts Musgraves does with Us Weekly. "There's this little band that you put around your ankle and you sort of sit down into a half squat and you take your legs nice and wide, almost squat wide, and then you do tiny little steps in one direction. Twenty one way and 20 back and then 10 one way and 10 back. When you can get two rounds out of it, and it's your lucky day."

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