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Kajol in Workout Gear Says "Here is a Pic"

“Since everyone wants to know what my workouts look like …"

Kajol, aka Kajol Devgan, is a very successful actress in Hindi cinema. Her roles include Fanaa, Dilwale, and Tribhanga. Kajol recently hit the gym, and shared a photo on Instagram. In it, she lounged on a reformer in workout gear. She captioned the post, "Since everyone wants to know what my workouts look like … 🙄 here is a pic..Now tell me this was before or after workout." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Kajol stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Stays Hydrated


Kajol shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview. She says that she makes sure to stay hydrated. "I drink a lot of water and I think that is very, very important. We minimise the importance of water in our lives." Harvard Health states that drinking water is important. "Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood."


She Eats Healthy

Kajol talked about her diet in an interview. She says that she makes sure to eat healthy. "I'm definitely more conscious about my diet than I was earlier. I'm more in charge of it, so I plan it. I'm very conscious about what I eat, where I eat and how much I eat. I am currently having a kale, sprout and wheatgrass smoothie, which, considering the time most veggies take to prepare, works out perfectly."


She Has A Simple Skincare Routine

Kajol has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She shared her routine in an interview with ELLE. "It's really short; I don't have the patience or inclination for much. It's basically cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But I do it religiously because it's the one thing I'm anal about. I can't go to sleep with anything on my face."


She Primes Her Skin

Kajol has to wear a lot of makeup. For this reason, she has to prime her skin for it. Kajol talked about this in an interview. "Prep and prime your skin before you apply makeup. All the best makeup artists spend at least five to 10 minutes before the actual application doing that. Give your skin time to absorb things."


She's Confident

Kajol is all about self-love and having confidence. She talked about the importance of this in an interview. "I love and accept most parts of myself, even those that won't be praised and adulated. Maybe at 16 I didn't think I was truly beautiful. I was cool. I was attractive, smart and a lot of other adjectives, but beautiful came with time and wisdom.  Confidence was the first and biggest step to beautiful."

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