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Kaley Cuoco Shares Swimsuit Photo in Tribute to Tom Pelphrey

Her typical workouts, according to her trainer.

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is wishing boyfriend Tom Pelphrey a very happy birthday through a sweet and loving Instagram post. Cuoco, 37, shared a gallery of pictures of the two of them spending time together, including one where she's hanging out in the pool in a pink bathing suit. "Happy happy birthday to the love of my life @tommypelphrey ! ūüéā Bubs you are so special to me and everyone who knows you‚Ķ best partner, best son, best friend, best brother, best uncle, best dog daddy, best part time therapist, best part time nutritionist, best part time trainer, best smoothie maker, best coffee barista, best tuna sandwich maker, best laugh, best heart, and you're best role to date‚Ķ Best daddy! We love you!" she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Cuoco stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Coffee First Thing


Cuoco makes a point of setting her alarm for one hour before she has to leave for work, to get some time to ease into the day. "I'm not really a morning person, so coffee is important to me," she says. "The first thing I do, I open my eyes and get the coffee going. I like the smell, just like the whole experience. I love a flavored coffee because it makes me think I'm being indulgent. After my coffee, I'm still heinous. But at least it tastes good and I'm happier at that moment… My sister and I [will talk] about how we go to bed [thinking] like, 'I can't wait to wake up and have my coffee tomorrow.' I set alarms on my phone, but I make sure it's right next to my ear because I'm always afraid I'm going to miss it. I've only missed it once."


Stair Climbing Workouts


Cuoco's trainer Ryan Sorensen has the actress do challenging stair climbing workouts outdoors. "The stairs are a great way to condition, strengthen the legs, and use muscles that haven't been tapped in a while," he says. "[It's a] great way to get a big calorie burn and an even bigger sweat. We tend to do the stairs every once in a while. They are very taxing on your legs, so when we do hit them, I plan a recovery day post stairs, which includes ice baths, some sort of sauna, and lots of foam rolling and stretching."


Hot Yoga and Cycling


Sorensen has Cuoco doing a mixture of high and low intensity exercises. "Her training regimen consisted of high-intensity circuit full-body training, like cardio, strength training, and lots of core twice a week," he says. "Hot yoga once a week, and a couple of days a week she would ride (cycling), which is a beast of a workout."


No Junk Food


Cuoco keeps junk food out of the house. "No more soda, chips, cereal; we had boxes of stuff that only a 4-year-old would eat," she says. "My favorite meal to make these days is gluten-free pasta with vegan butter and veggies. I'm not vegan, nor do I have a gluten allergy, but it just feels better in my stomach."


Sunscreen and Eye Cream

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Cuoco's morning routine is simple. The actress applies sunscreen and swears by Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado to help her look alive before heading for hair and makeup in the very early mornings. "I've tried so many under-eye creams, but I actually think that's the best one," she says.


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