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Kamilla Cardoso in Workout Gear Gets "Surprise of a Lifetime"

Cardoso is from Brazil, and last month, her family flew to the US to surprise her.

Kamilla Cardoso is a rookie in the WNBA. She plays for the Chicago Sky. Cardoso is from Brazil, and last month, her family flew to the US to surprise her. Omaha Productions shared a video of the surprise on their Instagram—the "surprise of a lifetime." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Kamilla Cardoso stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Plays Basketball

Cardoso obviously plays basketball to stay fit. On The Right Path states that basketball has a lot of benefits. "Basketball involves aerobic exercise, promoting heart and lung health, and enhancing cardiovascular function. Regular participation in basketball helps burn calories, contributing to healthy weight management and reducing the risk of obesity."


She Lifts Weights

Cardoso talked about her basketball career in an interview with FIBA. She says that when she first got to college, she had to change her wellness routine. One thing she added was lifting weights. "I knew I couldn't just rely on my height," Cardoso said, "I had to lift weights, because I was skinny. And when I tell you I was skinny, I was super skinny."


She Works With A Nutritionist


Cardoso told FIBA that she also had to change her diet. "The food here was very different for me," Cardoso said. "I went a couple of weeks without eating much. My mom used to cook every morning, every night, every afternoon. I was very used to Brazilian food." She says that she decided to work with a nutritionist for this reason. "I got a nutritionist and was eating more protein," Cardoso said. "Even though I didn't like the food, I was eating more so I could gain some weight."


She's Confident

Cardoso tells FIBA that being away from her family in Brazil has forced her to be stronger and more confident. "I'm much more confident than before," Cardoso said. "I've grown a lot. I'm more comfortable in myself, inside and outside of the court. I see myself as a strong person. I had to move out of my home when I was 15. I'm a momma's girl, so being away from my family for seven years is hard."


She's Aggressive On The Court

Cardoso has played in a lot of tournaments, notably the AmeriCup. She shared what these experiences have taught her to FIBA. "I was way more dominant and aggressive. I've been working on that for the past couple of months. This tournament was really helpful for me to realize the things I can do on the court. That will help me to be more dominant now."

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