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Kareena Kapoor Khan In Yoga Gear Shares "Sunday Plans"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan doesn't skip on her workout routine even on the weekends—which helps explain how the actress is thriving in her 40s. Khan, 43, shared a picture of herself wearing bright leggings and a pink sports bra, using purple blocks to do a yoga pose on her patio. "Sunday plans? Yoga for me… Crew for you💁🏻‍♀️😉#ChakrasanaSeries," she captioned the post. Here's how this busy mother-of-two stays fit, happy, and full of energy.


Pregnancy Yoga

Khan worked out through both her pregnancies. "Staying fit has always been important to me, whether pregnant or not," she told Miss Malini. "It's crucial not only for the physical well-being but also for my mental well-being. Being active not only helps you, but it's also good for the baby. Through my pregnancy, I have practiced yoga, which has helped me stay fit and lead a balanced life. My favorite [poses] are the sukhasana and the standing side stretch. The first one helps one focus and stay calm. The standing side stretch reduces back pain. Back pains are very common during pregnancy."


Comfortable Style

Khan says that when it comes to style, comfort is the most important thing. "As long as I'm feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing, confidence comes naturally," she told Zee Zest. "In fact, it's not only clothes, but I believe that our overall health and how we're feeling also play a big part. This could include something as simple as having a good hair day."


Almonds For Beauty


Khan swears by almonds and almond oil to keep her hair beautiful. "I definitely get a trim at the salon every 6-8 weeks," she told Elle India. "Also, to get a deep conditioning spa and a half trim helps prevent split ends and keeps the hair looking good. I eat everything; I'm never on a strict diet. I think that's what adds to keeping it healthy.  My mum till today is always into her almonds and she has amazing hair which is why Karishma and I have really nice hair as well."


Skincare Routine

Khan tries to stay away from makeup when she's not working. "My basic skincare regime includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing followed by sunscreen," she told Lifestyle Asia. "Moisturizing and sun protection is crucial to keep your skin healthy. I'm also getting into using more serums. Usually, at home, I don't wear any makeup at all and let my skin breathe. For casual events I keep it light and basic, a little kohl and concealer can go a long way. A bright lip can never do you wrong and just brightens up my face."


The Important Things In Life

Khan believes nothing is more important than happiness and mental stability. "I think women, every human can have it all – men, women, everybody," she said according to "But I think what I have, what I count most important amongst all these things, is that I'm happy. And happiness is something that I have because my happiness is my mental stability. Fame, money, career, husband, kids, everything falls short if that mental strength and mental happiness is not there. So for me, that is the most important thing that a woman should preserve. Self-preservation leads to happiness."

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