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Karishma Tanna in Workout Gear Does a Handstand At the Gym

Here are her fitness tips.

Indian actress Karishma Tanna's commitment to health and wellness is known throughout the industry—she's always one step ahead of the fitness curve. Tanna, 40, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a pink tank top, doing a headstand with the help of a trainer. "Go girl," a fan commented. Tanna has been in the public eye for over two decades—Here's what her exercise, health, and diet regimen looks like in her 40s.


Fitness Freak

Tanna is passionate about fitness, and has been for a very long time. "I'm a total fitness freak," she told the Times of India. "My workout regime is maintained by my trainer who meticulously plans my workouts. I follow a program, which includes three days of hardcore weight training and three days of cardio exercise. I make sure to chill out on Sundays — it helps me overcome my fatigued muscles."


Fueling Her Workouts


Tanna loves healthy home cooked meals, mostly based on traditional Indian recipes. "I follow a normal diet and prefer to eat home cooked food," she told the Times of India. "I believe that being on a diet means eating proper food at proper times. I eat gujju khana for lunch, which comprises roti, two types of sabji, dal, brown rice and curd. The body needs energy during workouts so just before I go to the gym, I eat an apple and have some juice."


World Citizen

Tanna loves to travel around the world, especially taking trips to Europe with her husband. "I love the vibe there. It's scenic, I relate to it a lot, and love the cafes there," she told Zee Zest. "We [she and her husband] did a 25-day trip to Europe and covered destinations such as Saint-Tropez and Puerto Banús."


Alpha Female

Tanna is proud to be a confident, strong woman, something she feels comes from early responsibility for her family. "[Growing up] I felt that I have to take on my family's and my responsibility," she told Zee Zest. "I felt that maybe God has given me an opportunity to take care of them. I had automatically become an alpha [growing up]."


Quality Time to Unwind

Tanna unwinds with spa sessions and family time, finding it to be the most refreshing and rejuvenating practice both for her physical and mental health. "I love stepping into a spa to unwind," she told the Times of India. "A reflexology session followed by a complete de-stressing body massage and long steam with some soothing melodious music relaxes me greatly. If I can't go to a spa, just lazing in my bed watching television or reading a book is also great. Spending quality time with family or going out for long drives rejuvenates me completely."

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