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Karrueche Tran In Workout Gear Does "Active Recovery" With Wade Bryant

“I’m a big stretch girl. I’m always stretching.”

Actress and model Karrueche Tran is espousing the importance of regular stretching as part of her workout regimen. Tran, 36, shared a video of herself wearing black shorts and a sports bra, discussing flexibility with Wade Bryant. "Active recovery stretching with @wadebryant_ So important to incorporate with my Fine & Fit challenge!" she captioned the post. "Thank you for posting this. I tried a few moves. I have always wanted to do a split. I'm going to watch this again!" a fan commented. Tran is committed to her health and wellness regimen these days and it shows—here's what her fitness routine looks like.


Weight Training and Yoga

Tran swears by weight training, hot yoga, and Sweatheory. She also swears by regular sauna sessions for health and beauty. "As for saunas, research is confirming some of the long-standing beliefs of Finnish people that sweating in saunas is beneficial to health," says Michigan State University. "Heat-induced stress relief and possible positive effects on heart health may be the actual benefits. Similar to exercise, the activity behind the sweating (not the sweating itself) is what is actually making us healthy."


Skincare Routine

Tran makes skincare a priority, mixing up her products. "After I wake up, I take a shower, and that's when I wash my face," she told Allure. "I used to use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleanser, but I've started using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. After I get out, I moisturize with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I get bags under my eyes, so I put Benefit Puff Off under them every day. Some days I'll put on a face mask for 30 minutes, and then I'll wash it off in the shower."


Hot Oil Treatments

Tran takes care of her hair with treatments at home. "I do hot oil treatments at home while I'm cleaning my house or whatever," she told ELLE. "I use something that my mom buys from my aunt out of Canada. They have hot oil treatments too, anywhere that sells beauty supplies and stuff like that.The cheap brands! The regular brands. Sometimes I'll actually go to the hair salon and she does a keratin gold treatment."


Eyebrow Care

Gregg DeGuire/Variety via Getty Images

Tran does her own eyebrows. "I shape them myself with a pair of tweezers," she told Allure. "When I do them, I start by lining the bottoms of my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. Then I use a brush with a slant to it to fill in the rest of my brows with Billion Dollar Brows Mad About Brows powder. Finally, I take my concealer that I use under my eyes and use another brush to apply it under my brow bones, so I get a clean line."


Curated Playlists

Tran has different playlists for different activities. "I'm currently listening to this Nina Simone playlist called 'Nina & Her Revolution.' I normally love listening to different types of music based on my current activity, so I have a playlist for the car, when I'm cleaning the house, and even cooking," she told Vogue. "But lately, I haven't really been able to enjoy any other styles of music. Nina Simone's music is just so soulful and speaks volumes, especially with the current climate of what's happening in our country right now."

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