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Kate Beckinsale Wears Sports Bra in Mirror Selfies

This is 50.

Kate Beckinsale is sticking to her workout routine during the holidays, and taking selfies to prove it. The actress shared pictures of herself modeling an orange Alo sports bra with matching shorts and leggings, in front of a large mirror. Beckinsale has been in the public eye for decades, and her approach to health, wellness, and aging has evolved during that time. Here's how she makes 50 look decades younger (spoiler alert—there's no cosmetic surgery involved!).


Circuit Training Sessions

Beckinsale didn't have a skincare routine until later in life. "I didn't really have a skincare routine until I was much older, probably in my late thirties, early forties," she tells PEOPLE. "I'm really lucky, my mum's got really good skin. I think obviously some of it is a genetic thing, although you can mess that up. I didn't see sun for the first several decades of my life and that's probably been a big help. A great deal of it was geography [growing up in England], but the other thing was on the very rare occasions when we would go on a family vacation somewhere hot, I was paranoid that I would get freckles in a mustache formation on my face. So I was wearing Factor 70 [SPF]. I just didn't want a mustache, that's really why I used sunscreen."  


Aging Gracefully

Beckinsale refuses to obsess about her age, especially as she feels more comfortable in her skin with every year that passes. "I think other people seem to be very obsessed with aging in a way that I am not. I am asked about that a lot," she tells PEOPLE. "The minute I turned 31, press-wise, they'd say, 'Heading towards 40.' And you just go, 'Pardon?' nobody said that to me when I was 10 and I was almost 20. It's a very different thing. So I think it's possible for people to create 40 as a real terrifying moment. I found 39 much harder precisely because of that, but I'm in a much happier situation in my forties than I was in my thirties."


No Cosmetic Surgery


Beckinsale told fans via her Instagram comments that she has never had a facelift. "I haven't sorry…maybe in July [birthday] everything will start falling off lol…no threads no thread lift no Botox no laser no nose job no filler. I do have facials with PRP to boost collagen and microcurrent for skin tightening and oxygen. I probably would try laser but I'm a bit scared. Haven't so far."


Skin Treatments

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Beckinsale's celebrity aesthetican Kat Rudu broke down her exact routine. "It's all about hydration. It's purely hydration," she tells E!. "When the face is hydrated it looks alive and like it has been fed," she explains of her practice. "When I work on Kate we do an exfoliation, we do a pore cleansing of course and I am really known for my extractions. Then we go into hyaluronic acid which she is obsessed with. We just pour hyaluronic acid onto the skin for a really long time and just massage it and massage it. And then we end it with a vitamin oxygen infusion. That's what Kate loves. She is very simple."


Baths Every Night

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

For Beckinsale, nightly baths are non-negotiable. "I literally cannot transition from day to night unless I have submerged myself in water," she tells PEOPLE. "Which is really annoying because I could get a hotel room and it'll have cockroaches and go, 'Okay, fine,' But if [the room] doesn't have a bathtub, I'll be like, 'Sorry, can I move?' I really need to have that every day, no matter what. Even when it's Oscar night and you're getting home at seven in the morning once you've been to 15 parties. I still have to go through the whole bath thing."

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