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Kate Bosworth Wears Sports Bra and "Never Felt Better"

She is thriving in her 40s.

Kate Bosworth turns 41 next month, and is in the best shape of her life. The actress shared pictures of herself working out in shorts and a sports bra, looking fit, confident, and toned. "At 40, I have never felt better. 💛I am super proud of my strength in our recent @roxy campaign, feeling more optimal now than I did 20 years ago running around in a bikini for "Blue Crush" 🙂 🏄🏼‍♀️," she captioned the post. Here's what Bosworth's health and beauty routine looks like in her 40s.


Skincare First, Makeup Second

Bosworth is diligent about maintaining the health and appearance of her skin. "Taking great care of your skin and finding a concealer or foundation that allows you to shine as you are will give you your optimal look," she tells Net-a-Porter. "The skin for me is the most important part of the canvas. You can always add what you want after that – a bright lip and full lashes; or something pure, such as lip balm and a beautiful brow. When I review new makeup artists, I'm looking at how they care for the integrity of the skin."


Her Favorite Sunblock

Bosworth swears by Inno-Derma Sunblock UVP 50+ Oily Skin to protect her skin from the sun. "We all know that the sunscreen trap is that it can feel super greasy and just kind of weirdly gross," she tells The Skincare Edit. "This one, basically you can put it on any skin. I have super sensitive skin and it doesn't make me break out. It's just a really great sunscreen but it doesn't make you greasy. So if you feel like whenever you put sunscreen on, and you're like, 'I hate this texture,' this one is for you."


Staying Hydrated

Bosworth focuses on hydration over caffeine for steady energy, especially when she's traveling. "When I'm flying I consume a lot of herbal tea (like peppermint) and tons of water, rather than too much caffeine," she tells Net-a-Porter. "The goal is to stay hydrated for more energy rather than relying on a quick fix. I also try to eat the right meal at the right time, even though my stomach may be craving breakfast for dinner. Getting your body on a schedule right away helps."


Low-Key Beauty Routine

Bosworth doesn't spend ages getting ready every day. "I'm a low-maintenance hair and make-up person," she tells Vogue Australia. "Just a little bit of lip stain works for me. I like the Fresh tinted lip balms; they're really moisturizing with fantastic colors. For spring I have a different color. I like a bright Yves Saint Laurent lip, or the little pots of tint that you can use on lips or cheeks and for me that's just ideal – you've got me sold from the outset. I don't have a lot of different products – it's basically just accentuating – a little flush, a little stain, and that's it."


Acne Prevention

Bosworth has to avoid certain foods to avoid triggering acne. "For me, it's really refined sugar and booze," she tells Elle. "There's a doctor I work with in London who's a gastro-entomologist who's combined the beauty with actual knowledge of the gut. And sugar corresponds to certain glands in your face. So when I drink wine, I'm like, 'Yep, there's a wrinkle right there.' Which doesn't mean I'm not drinking wine. Or vodka. Or tequila."

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