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Kate del Castillo In Workout Gear Says "You Can Totally Rock It!"

“Great job, keep rocking it!” a fan commented.

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo doesn't need a gym or large studio to get a thorough exercise session—even in a very small space, the star knows how to get a full body workout. Del Castillo, 51, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a matching sports bra, doing a mat workout and also using a punching bag. "This morning workout! Even in a small space you can totally rock it!" she captioned the post. "Great job, keep rocking it!" a fan commented. Here's how Del Castillo is thriving in her 50s.


Personal Trainer Workouts

Del Castillo works out with a personal trainer to help streamline her fitness routine. "The workout routine that we worked on with Kate is a functional routine between body weight, boxing and elements like weights, elastic bands, balls, reference points and unstable surfaces," trainer AlexFitBox tells Hola!. "It's 50 minutes of nonstop training. The modality with which I work is called 'estalle' and it was created by me."


Simple Beauty Routine

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Del Castillo feels more comfortable with less makeup these days. "When you grow older, less is better because makeup just makes you look older," she told Glamour. "I try to keep it as natural as I can, but I think the best thing ever is just nice skin. If you have a good cream. If you have good skin, then you can do whatever and go from there. I try to keep up with my beauty routine for my face. A little bit of color here and there if I go out, but I'm obsessed with natural beauty, to be honest."


Work Ethic

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Del Castillo's success is not just luck—she works incredibly hard. "I work hard and I love what I do," she told Morning Honey. "My dad [Eric del Castillo, an actor] has done over 350 movies. I've always lived through that, so I have a lot of respect and a lot of discipline because of my dad. For me, success is when you get to pay your bills and eat and have a roof over your head and do what you love. It's very important, but I also think it happened because I work a lot."


Proud Of Her Roots

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Del Castillo is proud of her heritage and wants to make the path easier for others. "I've always rooted for Hispanics. The biggest difference now is that I have my own production company," she told Modern Wellness Guide. "I finally feel like I'm in the position to change narratives, and to fight for more names like mine to be on screen and also behind the camera. I am going to fight to make Cholawood Productions well known for diverse content created by diverse cast and crew. And, of course, we want more women behind the cameras and in leading roles that bring justice to every woman everywhere."


Living Her Best Life

Del Castillo refuses to follow any beauty rules that interrupt her quality of life. "Or things that tell you you can't even go outside or you can't drink this or you can't do that," she told Glamour. "I'm like, 'No, no, no!' Just live your life. Life is short. Have a great time, take care of your skin, take care of your body, take care of your mind, take care of everything. You only have one body, and you have to take care of it all at the same time evenly. It's not all about how you look; it's how you feel inside, and that's for sure is going to come out. For sure."


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