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Katie Lee Biegel in Workout Gear Poses with Nate Berkus At the Gym

“Workouts with friends are always more fun.”

Food Network star Katie Lee Biegel knows workouts are so much better with good company to keep you distracted. Biegel, 42, shared a picture of herself wearing leggings and a black shirt, posing with Nate Berkus and trainer Theodora Fouseki at the gym. "Workouts with friends are always more fun," she captioned the post. Here's what Biegel's health, fitness, and wellness routine looks like.


Make the Bed


Biegel says making the bed every day is key. "Whether you're staying home all day long or if you're leaving and have a day full of meetings, there's something about knowing that bed is made," she told Better Homes & Gardens. "And also, when you get into a nicely made bed at the end of the day, it's more comfortable, more conducive to a good night's sleep."


Lots of Vegetables

Biegel is obsessed with delicious fruits and vegetables. "I'm a big believer in loading up on fruits and vegetables," she told EatingWell. "I feel like it's a really great way to start your day with a big bowl of fruit, getting a lot of vitamins and antioxidants straight away, and it's easy on your body. Then, I like to do big salads with about 75% vegetables, then 25% other stuff. That way, I don't even really have to think about cutting something out. I'm just thinking about adding in. And if you're eating that much of the fruit and vegetables, you're crowding out the space for 'bad stuff.'


Dinner Decor

Biegel loves to decorate her dining table. "Our farm stands always have beautiful local wildflowers so I just buy them while I'm getting vegetables for dinner," she told Better Homes & Gardens. "I like to make cute little flower arrangements, nothing over the top, to add a pop of color to the table."


Fresh Fruit

Biegel loves snacking on fresh fruit. "I like to have kiwi," she told EatingWell. "I'm really into those new golden kiwis at the grocery store. January is sumo season, which is my favorite thing. Plus, it's a good way to crowd out a bag of chips. But back to my fruit: kiwi, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries—I love to have berries. Mango's one of my favorites, and I always have a banana."


SoulCycle and Strength Training

Biegel loves cardio and strength training. "I try to go to the gym twice a week to lift heavy weights, but for the most part, I work out at home," she told EatingWell. "I use the Obey fitness app. I really like their sculpt classes. And I have a SoulCycle at-home bike that I use. I've been going to SoulCycle for like 17 years now. And my longtime favorite instructor is on the at home bikes. I feel like I'm right there in her class."

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