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Kelly Gale in Workout Shorts Says "Sunrise or Sunset?"

Here are her wellness tips.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kelly Gale is sharing a beautiful morning workout with her 1.6 million instagram followers. Gale, 28, posted a video of herself wearing white shorts and a red sweatshirt, hiking by the beautiful ocean. "Sunrise hike, the best way to start the day," she wrote over the video. "Sunrise or sunset?" "Sunrisssseee!! But don't you be walking so fast and leaving me in the dust 😂😂😂," a friend commented. Here's how Gale takes care of her health, wellness, and fitness.


Plenty of Sleep

Gale makes sure to get enough sleep before casting for good energy. "I like to go to bed early the night before the casting so I get a good night's sleep," she told Vogue Australia. "I set my alarm early so I can do a meditation when I wake, and I then do a quick 15 min ab-blast to help define my abs. It's all about being present when I'm at the casting, so I turn my phone on to flight mode so I'm not distracted."


Power Walking


Gale keeps her exercise routine steady in the run up to any events like the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. "To be honest my exercise regimen doesn't change that much leading up to the show," she told Vogue Australia. Meaning I work out six days per week all year round and usually workout 2 hours per day, and on top of that I like power walking 15 – 30 km each day. In the lead up to the show I walk closer to 30 km every day, workout 2h per day. In the lead up to the show it's more important to me to focus on the muscle groups and make sure I really target those areas as best I can, which is through exercises with ankle weights, gliders and resistance bands."


Infrared Sauna

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Gale enjoys regular infrared sauna sessions to help with puffiness or water retention. "We see so many people who come in asking how they can move towards optimal health," Melissa Young, MD, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "With saunas in general, and especially infrared saunas, people feel better after using them. It can be an integral part of your health practices."


Healthy Eating

For Gale, healthy eating is a way of life. "That's how I was brought up," she told Vogue Australia. "I was never introduced to bad, unhealthy foods so for me it's just natural to eat very healthy. I eat lots of fish, all vegetables except potatoes, I love slow release carbs like oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt, and lots of berries and fruits. I snack on nuts and raw vegan chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar," Gale reveals.


Ashwagandha For Stress

Gale takes ashwagandha to help fight stress and anxiety. "Ashwagandha has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to increase energy, improve overall health and reduce inflammation, pain and anxiety," integrative medicine specialist Yufang Lin, MD, tells the Cleveland Clinic.

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