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Kelly Ripa in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shows "The Last of Us"

Here is everything you need to know about her diet. 

Kelly Ripa is showing off her flat abs during a workout. In a new social media post the forever young 53-year-old flaunts her taut tummy in workout pants and a sports bra after an intense session. "The last of us," she captioned the Instagram Stories image of herself with trainer, Anna Kaiser. How does the talk show host keep herself in such great shape? Here is everything you need to know about her diet. 


Green Cocktail

Kelly's nutritionist,  Dr. Daryl Gioffre, detailed her diet to E! News, starting with her morning cocktail – a scoop of his Acid-Kicking Green powder (dehydrated greens) from his brand Alkamind with a glass of water.. You can also get all the greens you need from green juice.  "You have to eat your greens," he says. "But when you get it in the form of a green juice, what's happening is you're getting all those nutrients into the greens and you're getting a huge amount of greens in just eight-ounce servings."


Coffee and Snack


Ripa then drinks a cup of coffee blended with grass-fed butter and Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer. After her show she will have a snack – a green apple, a few tablespoons of almond butter, and a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed together like porridge. 




For lunch she has a salad topped with microgreens, sprouts, avocado and raw nuts. She also snacks on raw nuts throughout the day. "Instead of going for the unhealthy snack, she's always prepared," Gioffre says. "And that's the big mantra: 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.'"



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For dinner Ripa has a smaller version of the salad she had for lunch. "She'll add in some steamed vegetables or some sauteed vegetables or some grilled greens," he details. "And she likes to have the vegetables in season because they're just better for you. And then she'll have a protein and that could be grilled tofu or tahini or some fish protein."



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For dessert she might have avocado chocolate mousse, made with avocados, pure vanilla extract, raw cacao, dates and sea salt. She also likes chocolate chia pudding for fiber. And, right before bed she drinks his Acid-Kicking Detox Tea featuring turmeric, ginger, lemon and black pepper.

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