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Kelly Ripa Stuns in Swimsuit Posing With Shirtless Husband Mark Consuelos

Here is everything she eats in a day to remain forever young.

Kelly Ripa is starting the new year out hot – in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post the celebrated television personality flaunts her fit at 53 figure in a bathing suit while posing with her shirtless husband Mark Consuelos. "Greetings from Captains Underpants," she captioned the Instagram snap. "This is my Barbie and Ken," commented her pal Gary Janetti. "I'm sorry to see that you've both just let yourselves go. Let's do better in 2024," joked Lisa Rinna. What is the diet responsible for Kelly's hot body? Celebwell has the details.


She Drinks Her Breakfast


In an episode of Harper's Bazaar The Food Diaries, Kelly detailed everything she eats in a day, starting with a glass of water and "something called Get Off Your Acid. Daily Greens, which is spirulina spinach, kale, all ground to a powder that you mix into water and it is for alkalining, your digestive system," she said. She follows that with a large coffee and her morning supplements, "which is my foundational vitamin, my multivitamin, ginger, and my probiotic."


Next She Eats Apple Porridge

After hosting her morning show, she will have "a green apple cut up" and blends them with two tablespoons of almond butter and a teaspoon of cinnamon. "And I eat that like a porridge, if you will, and that is my first chewable food of the day," she says.


Daily Workouts

"I work out seven days a week. My body wants to work out," Kelly said. She usually watches a show while she works out on the treadmill.


This Is Her "Brunch"


Kelly moves on to "what I consider brunch, if you will, because I eat lunch at such a weird hour," she says. "It's really like a breakfast, lunch. I have a big salad of micro greens with avocado and toasted nuts on top. Sometimes I have pine nuts, sometimes I have pumpkin seeds, sometimes I have walnuts, sometimes I have cashews, whatever I'm in the mood for." She added that for two years avocado toast "was pretty much the foundation of my diet, and I had it with just about every meal. Sometimes I would fry an egg and add that on top. Sometimes a piece of cheese would accompany the avocado toast, but the avocado toast was a real staple of my diet," she added.


And Dinner

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

"For dinner, I have usually a smaller version of the same salad that I had for lunch, and then I have either mixed grilled greens or whatever's in season," she continued. "I try to eat whatever is in season in terms of vegetables, and then I have usually some sort of plant protein mixed in there, like a grilled tofu. Sometimes I'll have a fried tofu, sometimes I have some sort of tahini."



Slaven Vlasic/FilmMagic

As for snacks, "I have handfuls of nuts, lots of raw cashews, lots of raw almonds, lots of raw pistachios," says Kelly. "I never eat more than a handful, but I have several handfuls a day. I try not to have that many cheat meals because cheat meals lead to a cheat lifestyle at my age, and this is at my age, so if you are younger, enjoy that aspect of your life. But at my age now, I find that it takes too much effort to get ready, so I just stay ready if that makes any sense."


Her Sweet Treat? A Chocolate Covered Nut


On occasion Kelly will eat cake. "On my birthday, will I have cake? Of course, I'm not a monster. At Christmas, do I eat cookies? Yes, I'm a human being. But in general terms, I try not to cheat too much. What I will indulge in is a delicious chocolate covered almond or chocolate covered cashew," she said, "so I still feel like there's something healthy in there. I also have been making a chia pudding, like delicious chocolate chia pudding."



Kelly ends the day "right before bed" with a nightcap. "I have a giant ginger turmeric tea." She then takes her evening supplements and "I truly fall asleep within 25 minutes."

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