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Kelsea Ballerini in Workout Gear Says Takes Selfie With Pilates Reformer

Here are her wellness and lifestyle tips.

Country star Kelsea Ballerini is giving a shout out to any of her followers who might struggle with procrastination, as she does. Ballerini, 30, posted pictures of what she's been up to recently, including one snap of her wearing black workout gear, posing next to a Pilates reformer machine. "Good morning to my fellow procrastinators and my fellow procrastinators only. How's that anxiety? Same," she humorously captioned the post. Ballerini has been through massive change over the last year, dealing with a public split—here's how she takes care of herself, inside and out.


No Treadmill Workouts

Ballerini says it's important to find a workout you can actually stick to and be consistent with. "Going to the gym or running on the treadmill, which I personally hate and tried for years, isn't the only way to exercise," she told Nashville Edit. "I love any kind of cycle class because the music is super loud, the lights are dark, and I can shut my eyes and feel like I am at home with my headphones on." 


Pilates Sessions

Ballerini has been practicing Pilates for years and now looks forward to her sessions. "I also love Pilates for building long, lean muscle," she told Nashville Edit. "Lastly, I work out with a personal trainer who is super encouraging and helps me meet my fitness goals. Working out, something I used to dread, is now something that I look forward to because it boosts my stamina onstage and makes me feel much more clear-headed and, in my body, too."


Virgo Rising


Ballerini is enthusiastic about astrology. "I'm a Virgo rising, Virgo sun, Cancer moon. So basically, I like a plan, and I cry every day," she told Byrdie. "I have to make sure that I have time allotted in the day to cry. It makes a lot of sense that I'm an artist because the Cancer Moon is giving songwriter, the Virgo Rising is giving artist, and the Virgo Sun is giving loves a plan to get to my next goal."


Turned-Up on Stage

Ballerini enjoys getting into character on stage—she even wears wigs to protect her hair. "I feel like I get to step into a different version of myself for tour. She's very glittery," she told Byrdie. "She's very confident. I feel like stage me is a very turned-up version of normal me. Real-life me, now, is the person that I protect the most. This season of my life, offstage me is just criss-cross-apple-sauce on the couch talking to a friend. That's the place I'm getting the most life right now."


Self-Love and Acceptance

Ballerini refuses to hold herself to impossible standards. "I don't shame myself if I screw up," she told Nashville Edit. "I don't make myself feel bad if I have a cheat meal or even a cheat day. I've struggled with body image my entire life and knew if I was going to be an artist, I had to figure my [stuff] out. I don't diet. I like my legs. I hate my stomach. I try not to stress about it. If I start to feel [bad] about myself, I get off Instagram and stop comparing myself to others. I do the best I can."


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