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Kendra Wilkinson in Workout Gear Shares "Photo Dump"

“Little photo dump from these past two weeks.”

Kendra Wilkinson is known for being a model and reality star. She appeared in Playboy and on the TV shows The Girls Next Door, Kendra, and Kendra On Top. Wilkinson shared a set of life updates on Instagram recently. In them, she posed in workout gear, hiked with her new dog, and golfed. She captioned the post, "Little photo dump from these past two weeks." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Kendra Wilkinson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works With A Trainer

Wilkinson makes sure to stay in shape. One way she does so is by working with a trainer. Her trainer, Ashley Conrad, talked about working with Wilkinson to People. "She hadn't been working out very much because she had a slight injury, so the goal was to really just to get her moving again, get some weight off, and have her feeling better. [And] she wanted to look hot on her birthday!"


She Does A Variety Of Workouts


Wilkinson does a variety of workouts to stay fit. Conrad shared some of them in her People interview. "A normal day would start with a series of calisthenic warm-up exercises ranging from jumping jacks, to butt kicks, to high knees," Conrad says. "Then we'd go into a few different stretches. The majority of the stuff [utilized] body weight, like pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, sprints, planks, plank with a row."


She Hikes

In her Instagram post, Wilkinson is seen going for a hike with her dog. The Washington Trails Association states that hiking has a lot of benefits. "For many people, the idea of burning calories is one of the first things that comes to mind when they think about working out. Our bodies use stored energy (calories) to support normal body functions and to fuel us during physical activity. While any type of physical movement will result in the body using its stored energy, the unique nature of hiking can result in greater calorie burn than other forms of exercise. In fact, research from the University of Florida concluded that walking on uneven terrain, like that of hiking trails, causes the body to use 28 percent more energy than walking on flat, even ground due to the subtle shifts in the way your leg muscles must lengthen or shorten while hiking."


She Golfs

Wilkinson is also seen golfing in her Instagram post. According to Randa, golf has a lot of health benefits. "Golf can help strength and balance, improve quality of life and provide aerobic exercise. On a regular 18-hole course, most players will walk between four and five miles, burning up to 2,000 calories."


She Has A Dog

Wilkinson recently adopted a dog, and she features her pooch on Instagram. In her recent post, Wilkinson is seen hiking with her dog. Harvard Health states that dogs have a lot of health benefits. "Ongoing research is showing that the health benefits of owning a dog are undeniable. Dog owners have lower blood pressure and healthier cholesterol levels, and a lower risk of heart disease, than non-owners. There are also many psychological benefits to having a pooch around. Dog owners are less prone to bouts of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Simply petting your dog can make you feel less stressed."

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