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Krissy Cela In Workout Gear Shares Upper Body Weights Routine

Here are her fitness tips.

Fitness influencer Krissy Cela is showing social media followers what a typical upper body workout looks like for her, using what she describes as very heavy weights. Cela shared pictures and video of herself wearing green leggings and a white crop top, using a barbell and machines at her home gym. Cela is the queen of proving motivation for women to look and feel their best—here's what her daily routine looks like, and the one thing she can't start her day without.


Gym and App Workouts

Cela works out four times a week, combining at-home workouts with the gym. "Right now, I'm still training in the gym, so for me, I'm doing the Strong program on the Tone and Sculpt app," she told Closer. "Each week, I do a glute and hamstring workout, quads and calves and then I'll do two upper-body sessions, so I technically train four days a week. I just find that suited me and is enough because I can't maintain training six days a week, it's just too much for my schedule."


Discipline, Not Motivation

Cela doesn't rely on motivation to work out every day—she immediately puts her gym clothes on after brushing her teeth. "Don't think twice, I just put my workout gear on," she told Closer. "Then I'll drink my coffee or have my pre-workout. I'm either working out in my little home gym or I am going to the gym and I'll train for one hour, tops. Then I'll shower and get ready, then the one thing I love to do is read on the train. I love taking this time just to read because I know when I'll get to the office, it'll be insane. Taking the time to be productive and get my mental state ready is crucial."


Overnight Oats


Cela enjoys overnight oats for breakfast. "Without a doubt, the breakfast I always have is one cup of oats, one scoop of fudge brownie protein powder, a handful of raspberries or frozen blueberries and peanut butter," she told Women's Health. "It's so easy to make – I make it overnight as well, if I don't have time in the morning. I'm on the go constantly, so I need to find something quick and effective that will keep me fuller for longer. That's why oats are so great because they're so complex and will give you that energy that you need."


Protein and Pre-Workout

Cela has a protein shake every single day. "I also love pre-workout, because I'm a caffeine addict," she told Closer. "I always take probiotic pills which helps my digestion and hormones. I have also started using collagen in my coffee now, it really helps me kickstart my day."


She's a Dog Person

Cela enjoys the many health benefits of having a beloved pet. "A non-negotiable I do every single morning is I have to snuggle my dog," she told Women's Health. "I'm that person – if I don't get to snuggle my golden retriever Buttons, then I just feel like my day is simply not ready to start. She is literally my life and soul. If you're a dog person, you will understand. So, in the morning she jumps up on my bed, we snuggle for a couple minutes and then I'm ready to go."

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