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Kristin Cavallari in Little Black Dress is "All Dressed Up"

Here are her top lifestyle habits. 

Kristin Cavallari is heating things up in her LBD. In a new social media post the reality star shows off her amazing body – including her super toned legs – in a little black dress. "All dressed up…." she captioned the Instagram post, driving her followers wild. "Hey pretty," commented Real Housewives star Melissa Gorga. "Always a smoke show 🔥" added model Sophie Monk. How does the mother-of-three approach diet and fitness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Organic Food

Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

Kristin eats as close to the earth as possible. She even grows her own fruits and veggies at her Tennessee home. "Filed under things that make me happy: my kids dirty pulling veggies from the greenhouse," she captioned an Instagram photo of her harvest. "Grass-fed steak, organic chicken, wild-caught salmon and eggs from my chicken coop are staples," Cavallari added to Us.



Kristin focuses her workouts around lifting heavy weights. "185lbs 💪🏻 new record for me," she captioned a recent workout video. "He kicks my ass. He pushes me really hard. He has me actually lifting really heavy weight, the heaviest weight I've ever lifted in my entire life," she recently told Us Weekly about her workouts "I feel the best I ever have. I feel like I'm the strongest I've ever been." She added: "Usually, I'll work out and maybe do 30 minutes of a VersaClimber [on a fourth day], which will also kick your butt, man.


No Keto or Intermittent Fasting

Kristin claims that the keto diet and intermittent fasting were a bad combination for her. "Nothing messed up my metabolism more than doing those two things together," she said on her podcast Let's Be Honest. "Only in the last few years I have finally stabilized. I think those things mess up your body so much. It's shocking to your body. I was afraid to eat a carrot! It's insane. I think diets are garbage — all of them." 


Gut Health


Cavallari also focuses on her gut health. She works with L.A.-based functional medicine doctor Ryan Monohan, who guides her in the right direction when it comes to supplements. "I had small intestinal bacteria, so I wasn't absorbing any nutrients," she explains. "Here I was taking all these vitamins, and it was a waste of time and energy. So for the last two years, we've been getting my gut back to where it needs to be, and now we're adding in all the antioxidants and stuff like that. So I'm very hesitant to recommend any supplements to people because of that. It's not one size fits all."



Kristin is a fan of colostrum. "This might be a little controversial," she said on her podcast. "I get mine from a brand called Crucial Four because it's very clean," Cavallari says. "When babies are born and [breastfeeding], it has all the benefits they need. I put it in smoothies and I give it to my kids, too. It's really good for your gut also. Basically everything."

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