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Kristin McGee in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Toe Tap" Workout

"Try not to grip in the upper thigh."

Kristin McGee is doing toe taps – in her workout gear. In a new social media post the yoga, meditation, and pilates guru shares a simple Pilates inspired exercise with her followers, showing off her flat belly in a crop top and leggings. "I know this seems like a simple exercise; but one of the principles of Pilates is precision. We can do an exercise without being precise and not get much out of it. Or we can be very focused and perform something with concentration, control, and precision and it makes all the difference," she says. "Oftentimes, it's easy to just feel the need to tap the toes to the floor. Instead, we actually want to engage the core and move from the upper thigh bone. The lower abs are controlling the movement. Try not to grip in the upper thigh. Just let that leg tap forward and back up while concentrating on using your core to perform the movement. It is a great warm-up for any core workout and really helps us get into those deeper transverse abdominals." How does she approach diet? Here is everything you need to know about her eating habits. 


Eat a Well Rounded Diet

Kristin McGee/Instagram

In her 21 day plan, Kristin urges her followers to "listen to your body; and eat a well rounded diet with everything in moderation," she writes on her blog. "I tend to alternate between a few go to's to make my life easier. Especially when it comes to breakfast and lunch, I like to have some of my favorites on hand. Dinner's I get a bit more flexible with and vary them more often."


What She Eats in a Day

"Having protein in the morning to keep me fueled through to lunch is a must," Kristin reveals. She starts her day with Greek yogurt parfait, layered walnuts, flax seeds and a little bit of fiber one with strawberries, blueberries and 2% plain Greek yogurt. "Sprinkle it with cinnamon and have a cup (or two) of black coffee on the side," she says. "Next up I have my open-faced turkey sandwich. I like to roll up 3 to 4 turkey slices and sprinkle them with turmeric, cayenne, and black pepper. Serve them with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and hummus. Another idea is a good piece of organic peasant bread with mashed avocado and sea salt. I often also have a kombucha at lunch." For a snack she has a spoonful of peanut butter with an apple. "If I'm on the go, I may throw a protein bar in my bag or grab a quick protein shake. I seriously love nut butters, though, and find they provide the perfect amount of healthy fat, protein and carb to keep me feeling energized and not hungry until dinner," she says. For dinner she will have a piece of fish with roasted sweet potatoes and a green veggie, such as broccoli or brussel sprouts. "I roast all in the oven at 450 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes. You can spray olive oil on the veggies and rub a teaspoon on the fish. I salt and pepper all to taste and volia!"


Consider the 4 Ws

"My plan asks you to think about what I call the 4 W's: What, When. Where and Why. What are you eating and when are you eating it. Is it breakfast first thing in the morning, or a doughnut because you saw it at work? Where are you eating and why? Is it in your kitchen because you're hungry for dinner and you've cooked a healthy meal, or are you eating in front of the television late at night because you're stressed," she says. 


Eat Carbs and Dairy in "the Right Portions"

Also, you don't have to be super restrictive. "Many people can eat carbs, dairy, etc in the right portions. If you have a true dairy or gluten allergy, there are plenty of healthy options these days as well to substitute if need be," she says. 


3 Meals a Day with Snacks

"Stick with 3 meals a day and a few healthy snacks (or small treat) and you'll always feel and look your best. Don't underestimate how smart your body is," Kristin says. 

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