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Kyle Richards In Workout Gear Shares "Pre-Dinner" Gym Selfie

“Pre dinner workout 💪. I love when a hotel has a 24-hour gym."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards famously lost weight, got super-fit and sober, and ended her relationship with Mauricio Umansky—but her workout game remains consistent. Richards, 55, shared a picture of herself wearing black leggings and a sports bra, posing on the floor of a gym for her selfie. "Pre dinner workout 💪. I love when a hotel has a 24-hour gym," reads the text over her snap. Here's how Richards lives her happiest, healthiest life.


Treadmill Sessions

Kyle Richards/Instagram

Richards loves to run, and has a treadmill so she never has to worry about the weather getting in the way of her workouts. "You need to start with the basics," she told E! News. "I love running outside if I'm in an area that's conducive to that. That is why I have to have a treadmill, especially on days when it's pouring rain."


No Weight Loss Drugs


Richards says she lost weight and got strong the old fashioned way—no Ozempic needed. "I cannot stand people saying that because people that know me know that I'm up every day at like 5, 6 a.m. at the latest… I'm in the gym for two hours," she told Extra TV. "I really put a lot of effort into my diet and exercise and taking care of myself, so when people like to think I took the easy way out, it's frustrating… Sometimes I turn my cheek the other way and ignore it, but I work really hard and it really bothers me, and I would like to be able to be an inspiration to people. So don't think I took the easy way out. Like, follow what I'm doing and you'll see changes."


Resistance Bands

Richards always travels with her Veick resistance bands. "It's really important to add stretching into your routine because if you don't stretch you're going to end up injuring yourself," she told E! News. "A good way to stretch is using these. You can use this in many ways to stretch and work out. I take this on the road because it takes up no space in my luggage."


Fixing Hair Damage

Richards is working on rebuilding her hair strength after getting highlights for the first time. "Also, when you're stressed, you lose hair, and that started to happen to me for the first time," she told Bustle. "Because there was always such a focus on my hair, I panicked. If someone tells you, you have these gorgeous blue eyes your whole life and all of a sudden they turn a different color, you're like, 'Wait, what's happening? What am I going to do?'"


Botox Yes, Fillers No

Kyle Richards/Instagram

Richards loves Botox, but avoids fillers. "When I first started the show, no one talked about it like [they do now]," she told Bustle. "I remember my husband didn't even know I had done Botox. Andy Cohen asked me — and I am someone if you ask me something, I can't lie — so I answered, and then I realized I had to tell my husband that I do Botox. He was like, "What? That's private." It was a whole big drama."

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