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Kylie Jenner in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says She's "Starting My Monday Right"

Here are her exercise habits.

Kylie Jenner is ready to sweat in her Alo workout set. In a new social media post the billionaire reality star flaunts her famous figure in a sports bra and leggings. "Starting my Mondon right," she captioned the Instagram snap, posing next to her Mercedes G-Wagon. "Monday Motivation 🦾" responded Mercedes-Benz. "gorgeous 💗" added another follower. What workouts are responsible for the star's hot body? Celebwell has all the details on her exercise routine. 


She Does the 12-3-30 Treadmill Routine

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie is a fan of the 12-3-30 workout routine on the treadmill. She sets the treadmill at a 12 incline, speed of 3.2, and runs/walks for 30 minutes. She considers this her "warm up" when she does an at-home workout. She once shared a clip of her workout on social media. 


She Walks on the Stairmaster

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie is also a fan of the OG stairmaster. In addition to walking forward, she also exercises her obliques by walking sideways. 


Strength Training

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Then, Kylie does a variety of strength training exercises using machines and workout bands. Her go-to ab machine is called Elevate Core and enables her to do a bunch of ab exercises on an incline. She also does hip abductors with the exercise bands on. 


She Runs

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie is a runner. In March 2021 she shared a photo taken from a 3.5 mile run/walk to her Instagram stories. "A beautiful day in the neighborhood," she captioned the snap of herself, flaunting her flat abs in biker shorts and a sports bra. 


She Works Out at Least Once a Day

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

While Kylie might joke about hating the gym, she definitely exercises. "I never find myself in a gym. I find myself on the floor of my bedroom, looking up on like, Google or Pinterest, workouts — and doing abs, lunges, squats. All that good stuff," Kylie revealed during an interview with Harper's Bazaar. She works out every day, sometimes twice, she revealed in a recent Instagram video. 

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