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Lala Kent Shares Swimsuit Photo of "a Little Bit of Life Lately"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Lala Kent first made waves when she joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules in its fourth season. She quickly established herself as one of the show's breakout stars. Since then, Kent launched her own makeup line, podcast, and wrote her autobiography. She just shared some recent highlights on Instagram, including a photo of herself at a party for Valley Brat. Kent captioned the post, "A little bit of life lately." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lala Kent stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works With A Trainer Regularly


Kent works with personal trainer, Jenna Willis, to keep herself in shape. Willis shared some of Kent's workout secrets in an interview with Us Weekly. "We're on a four-times-a-week regimen. Most of my clients start at three, and then depending on their desire and their schedules they can progress from there."


She Works Her Entire Body


Willis makes sure that Kent's entire body gets a workout. "Our focus is actually evenly distributed between lower and upper body," Willis tells Us Weekly. "Many women don't realize they lack upper body strength until I put them through a strength test. I've witnessed tremendous growth among my female clientele with newfound strength in their upper bodies."


She Believes In Moderation

Kent shared some of her wellness secrets on Instagram. She says that when it comes to her diet, she doesn't like to limit herself and believes in balance. "Moderation is key. I don't like 'diets.' Enjoy your life. Eat amazing tasting food…Every body is beautiful, and if you feel confident and happy, that is all that matters." 


She Uses A Cleanser


Kent shared some of her skincare secrets with Glamour. One thing she makes sure to use is a cleanser. "The first step is my LHA cleanser gel by SkinCeuticals. I love it because I find a lot of my cleansers do not take my makeup off fully, and  I have to use a good toner or I'm going through tons of makeup wipes to get it off. I have white bedding; I don't want anything on it. It's also decongesting. When I'm filming, I like a matte finish on camera, and my pores get clogged very quickly, so I need something that's going to pull everything off my face."


She Uses Bio Oil

Kent tells Glamour that she uses bio oil on her skin. "I struggled with my skin when I was younger, and I find that even if you're spending $400 on skin care, it's not going to be a cure-all. It's okay to venture into the drugstore and find something like Bio-Oil, which is my most favorite thing ever. I use it all over my face, all over my body. And this also for stretch marks, which it's incredible for."

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