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Leeza Gibbons In Workout Gear Says "Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do"

Here are her health and lifestyle tips.

Leeza Gibbons is reminding her fans—and herself—of how tough she is. Gibbons shared a picture of herself wearing green leggings and a blue hoodie, posing against a stunning mountain background. "They say, 'Tough times never last, but tough people do'. That's pretty much how I see it. So, what makes a person tough? Adversity does. It's what causes some to break but gives others the will to break records. #mytake #toughenough #bringiton," she captioned the post. Here's how the TV icon is thriving at 66.


Stretching and Walking

Gibbons starts every day with five minutes of stretching. "Stretching is my sanity. I also do lots of walking," she told Chatelaine. "Those are my non-negotiable workouts that I always make time for. I like to say motivational mantras to myself while I'm walking. Nothing beats consistent walking. Just take 10 minutes a day and work on building it from there. It can make such a big difference."


Dancing and Weights

Leeza Gibbons/Instagram

Gibbons has loved ballroom dancing since appearing on Dancing With the Stars. "Cardio is our least favorite part of our routine, so I'm thinking doing ballroom dance will help with that. My go-to equipment is my stationary bike, free weights and a punching bag," she told Chatelaine. "I do like to mix it up and keep my routine from becoming boring. If I get bored I know I'm going to abort the effort. On the days I lack get-up-and-go, I'll just commit to five minutes and I usually get so immersed in the feel good flow that I'll put in the rest of the time."


Relaxation Time

Leeza Gibbons/Instagram

Gibbons de-stresses with long walks and hot baths. "For me, there's so much mental stress in a day, I find that taking a walk really helps me relax, even if it's just 10 minutes to focus on my breathing and take a sanity break," she told SELF. "I'm also a freak for baths — even just the sound of the water running is enough to put me in a better mental space. I even had my TV set up so I can swing it in front of my bathtub — it's the only time I truly watch TV, when I'm taking a bath."


Fruit, Not Sugar


Gibbons is mindful of her sugar intake and treats fruit like candy. "I eat lots of healthy foods like salmon and green leafy veggies like broccoli and kale," she told Chatelaine. "I've had to back away from the drug known as sugar in my life, which has continued to be a real challenge for me. I've had to look at things like frozen blueberries and strawberries to become my 'candy'."


Self-Confidence With Age

Leeza Gibbons/Instagram

Gibbons has learned that comparison is the thief of joy. "My mom always said to think of yourself as a thoroughbred — put your blinders on and run your race, and don't compare yourself to the other horses," she told SELF. "We look at someone younger or prettier or more successful and start getting down on who we are. But if we can focus on our own race and just do our best, the prize often goes to the person who tries the hardest."

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