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Leylah Fernandez In Workout Gear Plays Tennis On the Sand

“Discipline can take you a long way 🫡,” she captioned the post.

Canadian tennis player Leylah Fernandez is still training on the sand to give her workouts that edge she clearly enjoys. Fernandez, 21, shared a video of herself wearing white shorts and a black crop top, running and playing tennis on the sand at the beach. "Discipline can take you a long way 🫡," she captioned the post. Fernandez is gearing up for the Paris Olympics this summer—here's what her training and wellness routine looks like.


Tennis For Life

Fernandez has been playing tennis since she was five years old. "Tennis is the sport I love, and I've been lucky enough to make it my career," she told Yahoo Life Singapore. "I started playing tennis when I was five and played other sports growing up. One of the benefits of playing tennis is that it's a sport you can play your whole life. So many people play into their 70s or even 80s. All you need is a racket, a tennis ball, and a partner to play with. I love that tennis has given me a platform to inspire younger generations and show them that you can reach your goals if you work hard and are dedicated."


Sand Workouts


Fernandez likes working out on sand for the extra challenge. "We try to work out at the beach as much as possible because the sand makes the movement a little harder to execute," she told Body+Soul. "But the most important thing is that working out at the beach helps me clear my mind with the sound of waves. It rejuvenates me so I can train harder on the tennis court.


Outfits and Energy Drinks

Fernandez has a few things she considers essential to her performance on the court. "I wear Lululemon on and off the court when training and competing," she told Yahoo Life Singapore. "I love their Wunder Train leggings for HIIT workouts, and I love to play in any of their tank tops and skirts. Occasionally, I'll wear a tennis dress for tournaments as well. My racket of choice is a Babolat Pure Aero. Gatorade products are also an essential tool for hydration and energy during matches. I love their Endurance Powder with Electrolytes and Energy Gels with Caffeine."


Role Model Pride

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Fernandez is proud to inspire the new generation of tennis players. "I try to inspire young athletes and show them that their goals and dreams are achievable as long as they focus and work hard," she told Yahoo Life Singapore. "I also believe in the importance of giving back and helping those in need, and I align myself with brands that also prioritize these values. Lastly, my parents raised me to be kind to everyone I meet – opponents on the tennis court, fans, and coaches – and I do my best to practice this every day."


Support on the Court

Fernandez will never take for granted how it feels to be supported by the crowd. "The goose bumps I felt every time I stepped onto the court, when the crowd shouted my name," she told Tennis Canada. "It's my favorite moment because I know people are there not just because they've come to see me but because they enjoy my game. And the training sessions with my father and my sister. I spent a few hours with my family, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Those are very special moments for me."

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