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Lindsey Pelas in Sheer and Velvet Tracksuit Wows at SI The Party at XS Nightclub

She wore a sheer bodysuit with black fabric, looking stunning.

Lindsey Pelas is a successful model and actress. She has posed for Maxim, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated. She has also appeared in films like Extraction, Alone At Night, and Clown Motel. Pelas recently went to the Sports Illustrated party, and made sure to look stunning. She wore a sheer bodysuit with black fabric, looking stunning. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lindsey Pelas stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Swims

Pelas loves to swim to stay in shape. She shared this set of photos of herself at the beach on Instagram. In them, Pelas is seen in the water. She captioned the post, "Heaven is a cowboy tub in the desert." Better Health states, "Swimming is a great recreational activity for people of all ages. Recreational swimming can provide you with a low-impact workout and it's a good way to relax and feel good."


She Eats A Balanced Diet

Pelas shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with The Daily Star. She says that she eats a balanced diet. "A toned stomach really comes from a balanced diet. It's like the saying 'abs are made in the kitchen'. I am a Southern girl, so I love a lot of naughty food, but I know how to keep myself in check. I drink a lot of water, eat a lot of grilled chicken and vegetables and choose a salad for lunch pretty often. That way when I indulge, it isn't so bad."


She Runs

Pelas has an amazing set of abs. She shared her secrets in her Daily Star interview. Pelas says that she does a lot of running. "To burn belly fat, I definitely recommend a ton of cardio mixed with weight training. Running, for me, has always been the quickest way to drop a few pounds and feel amazing fast. It's also a fun mental challenge to build your stamina, speed and endurance."


She Does A Variety Of Workouts

Pelas likes to do a variety of workouts. She shared her favorites in her Daily Star interview. "I'll do two days of weight training, two days of class workouts and one day with something simple and outdoors like a hike or run. I go to a conventional gym twice a week for weights. I try to do a lot of weighted squats, leg-ups and deadlifts. I'll also do spin or Pilates twice a week. Pilates is so amazing for developing a lean, toned body and nothing makes you feel more incredible than spin class."


She's Comfortable With Herself

Mindy Small/Getty Images

Pelas is all about accepting herself and her body. "Beyond the aesthetics, I've always been taught to be grateful just to be healthy," she told The Daily Star. "As far as my curves go, that was just an added bonus. I remember stuffing my bra as a young girl praying one day I may have big boobs – I guess it worked. I think my best body part would be my breasts. I can't help but love them. I don't really have a body part I dislike, I'm pretty body-positive."

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