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Loren Brovarnik in Two-Piece Says "The Bandeaus are Back Baby"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Loren Brovarnik is best known for appearing on 90 Day Fiance in 2015. She and her husband, Alexei, have their own show, Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days. Brovarnik recently shared some photos on Instagram of herself in swimsuits. She captioned it, "The Bandeaus are back baby." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Loren Brovarnik stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does Squats

Brovarnik shares a lot of her favorite workouts on Instagram. She makes sure to not skip leg day. One thing Brovarnik does is squats. In this video, she is seen doing a Bulgarian split squat with a weight. Brovarnik captioned the post, "Plump day." In this video, she is seen doing squats with a barbell.


She Does Core Workouts

Brovarnik makes sure to work out her core. In this video she posted on Instagram, she is seen doing reverse crunches. The Mayo Clinic states that having a good core is important. "Your core is the central part of your body. It includes your pelvis, lower back, hips and stomach. The stomach muscles sometimes are called abs. Core exercises train the muscles in your core to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and steadiness, also called stability. Stability is important whether you're on the playing field or doing regular activities. In fact, most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles."


She's Committed

Brovarnik is committed to her workout routine. She talked about this in the caption of this Instagram post. "When they ask 'why do you always work out without a shirt' … well here's my shirt off, my pants rolled down so you can see my entire stomach, core tightened, with no filter, so you can see that hard work pays off! Any more brain busters?! It's all about progression, not perfection!"


She Strength Trains

One thing Brovarnik does to keep herself in shape is strength train. She shared this video on Instagram of herself using battle ropes. She also posted this video of herself using the leg press machine with a weight. The Mayo Clinic reports that strength training has a lot of benefits. "By stressing your bones, strength training can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Strength training can help you manage or lose weight, and it can increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories."


She Doesn't Care About Comments

After having her first child, Brovarnik opened up about losing the pregnancy weight on Instagram. In her stories, she talked about her struggles with body image, and said that she is learning to not listening to what people are saying.  "I've suffered with body dysmorphia for as long as I can remember. Really. And it's hard because what I see versus what everyone else sees is different. And having all these people criticize you and judge you doesn't make it any easier (but I choose to put myself out there). But this is me and MY journey."

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