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Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader Juliette Mai Roberts Shares Swimsuit Photo While Dancing

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader Juliette Mai Roberts is not only a fitness freak, she loves healthy and delicious foods—and sharing those foods with her followers. Roberts posted a video of herself throwing together a salad while wearing a black bathing suit, dancing while she prepped the meal. "I'm a woman of my word! Here's your next summer pasta salad recipe that'll make you everyone's best friend! Gluten, Dairy and nut free pasta plus high protein! ✨" she captioned the fun post. Here's what else the dancer does to stay one of the most impressive performers in the NBA.


60 Minute Runs

Roberts swears by 60 minute runs once a week for mental and physical benefits. "She (the 60 minute run) holds me accountable and sets my week up for the success and positivity it needs for me to be the best I can be," Roberts says. "No matter where I am, what I'm doing or who I'm with, if it's a Monday I'm doing the 60 minute run even if it means getting up at 4 AM to do it. I'm not telling you, you need to run for 60 minutes every Monday but find something to do on Monday that challenges you and holds you accountable because I promise if you go into the week starting it off by crushing it doing something worth your while, it's going to change your mindset for the rest of the week 🤍 You can do hard things!"


She Loves Matcha

Roberts's favorite drink is matcha green tea, which is loaded with healthy antioxidants as well as being delicious. "I love both matcha and coffee but matcha for me is the key to my heart 💚 and makes me feel amazing every single time after I drink it. #matchalover," she captioned an Instagram post about her favorite matcha spots in Orange County.


Lifting Weights and Core Workouts

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Roberts is "in love" with lifting weights, and likes to do her core workouts before any main exercises. "Core core core! Before I workout I like to make sure my core is engaged because I always feel good when I have a strong core pre workout so here's a quick lil core workout you can add to your warm up! I usually do about 1-3 rounds! Today I only did 1, but you did what you can," she captioned a video displaying her routine


Words of Advice

Roberts knows how hard for those starting their fitness journey, and has wise words of advice. "There are a lot of days where you might feel like, "Is all this hard work even worth it?" I can tell you right now it is. You have to remind yourself that there is no quick fix and that health & fitness is a forever lifestyle, if that's what you decide. When it gets tough, that's when the real work begins. Keep going, be consistent and know it's okay to mess up, because we all do. It's just how you recover from it, that matters. You can do the hard things, so go do them!"


Me Mornings

Roberts takes time to herself at least once a week to decompress and focus on herself. "Once a week I do this thing called a ME morning! This is one of my favorite ways to decompress and rejuvenate myself after a long week or day! I get energized by spending time alone and doing things that I love. This helps me be a better person for the people around me when I get time to reflect on my own and really think about what's going on with me. I hope everyone has the chance to give themselves a ME Morning because you deserve it! Don't feel guilty about doing what's best for you," she captioned a post.

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